Nokia 8110 reborn: 4G model with Google apps and social networking unveiled

25 February 2018
Yep, the banana phone is back and it has Google Assistant and Maps plus Facebook and Twitter. And Snake, of course.

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  • gGc
  • 25 Oct 2020

I bought it, it s a crap! Too slow, 2 days battery life, the OS is made by kids. Really disappointed

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    • sa303
    • KIC
    • 04 Oct 2018

    good but not make this to perfect because old nokia use like me having not properly all old options and work done it so bad phone i don't like because no call log and messenges and contact backup like old nokia phones with pc suite or in phone option and other many option have not and new option not for done to my life style so i don't like it but i like nokia old phones.

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      • greece
      • MRI
      • 20 Jul 2018

      The big problem for me is that i can not install Opera Mini. I thing that java is very useful for this phone and it is tragic that KaiOS Store do not give nothing of them. If someone knows somthing, i would be ecxited to listen!

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        • Abdul
        • 7kc
        • 04 Jun 2018

        I am waiting for E series to be relaunch,there are thousands of E series customer waiting

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          • Jeboy
          • thh
          • 22 May 2018

          Recently bought 8110 4G, there's no Facebook, Google Maps, etc. even in the KaiOS store. Surprisingly, Nokia Support doesn't have knowledge about their product.

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            • AnonD-632062
            • 3Yf
            • 27 Feb 2018


              John, 26 Feb 2018I think its really time to go back to basics. The current s... moreBullsh*t. No one actually believes in the modern world you describe.

                We want little Bananassssss

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                  • AnonD-82756
                  • nGU
                  • 26 Feb 2018

                  There are plenty of great Nokia handsets to resurrect but this one what an earth are they thinking???

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                    • jack
                    • IWV
                    • 26 Feb 2018

                    too cheap to even put a 212 SD.wwkwkwk
                    HMD is like basically milking its worth.
                    even a 3110 retro aint go nowhere above 225 aside frame model and shiny glossy paint job
                    then what u expect from this one

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                      • John
                      • pXj
                      • 26 Feb 2018

                      I think its really time to go back to basics. The current smartphone lineups are supposed to make life easier and less complicated, but in reality, they have made life more complicated, by making consumers worry more about the battery life, the damages caused, the cost of repairs and so on. so Nokia's approach of having the most used apps on simple form factors is the way to go!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • vMf
                        • 26 Feb 2018

                        Yuck lol

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                          • vMf
                          • 26 Feb 2018

                          Yuck lol

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                            • smee
                            • SmG
                            • 26 Feb 2018

                            I declare the official name for "yellow 8110" as banana phone. from now on you all shall mention it as banana phone.

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                              • aditya
                              • KAE
                              • 26 Feb 2018

                              Currently using a moto razr v3i (yes you read it right, and yes we are in 2018). Frankly speaking I have one moto x4 as well (obviously you require one smartphone) but i love to carry RAZR V3i around because....

                              1) lets accept the fact that we humans like it when people around us appreciate us for being different as this makes them think that you are cool.
                              2) The moment you open the flap and put it on your cheek it feels like a device rather than a glass slab put against you face.
                              3) That awesome feeling when you cut a call and close the flap to hear this "punchy clack" sound... I don't know it just makes you feel more confident and good.

                              moto x4 has a very flashy exterior with lots of gloss and reflections all around and people usually ask me about my phone due to some S shaped reflections that run around the phone's glass body but.... when RAZR V3i is kept around it steals the thunder of this flashy phone and people usually pick and ask me from where did you get this. They are shocked to know when i say it s 15 years old device.

                              The point is this nokia phone can do wonders same way If they put it at right price and brand it real well.

                                Anonymous, 25 Feb 2018Jio phone is subsidised. This is not. Stop being a beggar. ... moreBeing beggar is much better than a Stupid. If they launch this in India at 5000INR what will you call this?? Cheap?

                                  If HMD can use a foldable display and remake the N93 form factor, that would be pretty cool. But the remake I really want to see is N8. I loved the iPod mini-like materials they used it and it had Xenon flash. That and the N9. Would love a N9 remake which can dual boot Sailfish and Android. Tired of all the giant phablet slabs. Nokia had some brilliant concepts a decade ago.

                                    YoloBS, 26 Feb 2018They should launch the qwerty or slide phone with android g... moreCall me blind then.
                                    I'll buy this phone in a heartbeat for the sake of pure nostalgia of the good old days when only adults permitted to own a cellphone. Oh, and for the most stylish, banana-shaped WiFi hotspot on the market for my laptop and my smartphone as well.


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                                      • senja
                                      • 80F
                                      • 26 Feb 2018

                                      "You can’t get into the Matrix with this one". The goal is to get out of Matrix, not to get in. We are already inside the Matrix.