Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ go official with new hardware, old looks

25 February 2018
The new Galaxy S9 duo is now official - brings new chipset, camera, and stereo speakers.

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Vegetaholic, 26 Feb 2018I will argue, biggest change is Apple level exynos 9810. GP... moregpu? nahh its still behind qualcom chipset, compare gpu test with sony XZ2 which uses sd845

KalassyNikoff, 12 Mar 2018It looks like every other samsung or lg phone and that is t... moreI understand. It's not an easy task to stay unique with that trend of bezelless thingy. Think about it.

Kiyasuriin, 26 Feb 2018Which is why there's something called Diversity. I am in th... moreIt looks like every other samsung or lg phone and that is the problem I have with it.

  • AnonD-632062

S9 Dandelion wallpaper is a throwback to the S3 wallpaper!

  • Hdhd

Alien , 26 Feb 2018I'd choose a triangle phone instead of the soapy design pho... moreU can choose Energizer Power Max P16K Pro

  • AnonD-632062

Pretty good evolution. Thanks for listening to the consumers and keeping the 3.5 mm jack.

AnonD-740004, 26 Feb 2018From gsmarena n86 review "Another cameraphone innovation... moreThank yoy for the valueable information!

  • Anonymous

KalassyNikoff, 26 Feb 2018One of the main problems I have with Samsung is that their ... morePlease post some comments on beautiful iphones...

  • Alien

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2018Nice suggestions but hey, it's not like Samsung making it a... moreI'd choose a triangle phone instead of the soapy design phones have these days in a heartbeat! :D
I'm sick of this shape. I want something DIFFERENT! I don't care if it's thicker or has big bezels. I want something different..

  • Anonymous

Fitbri, 25 Feb 2018The back design is so same same, tired looking. That ongoin... moreNice suggestions but hey, it's not like Samsung making it a triangle design which could turn pretty awkward to look at? Aren't they?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-740004, 25 Feb 2018They didn't reimagined the camera. They just copied feature... moreWell, they don't copied the dual aperture from any smartphone brand, did they?

I will argue, biggest change is Apple level exynos 9810. GPU G72 with 18cores, you only need to know what it will wipe floors with any Android chipset and it can render jaw dropping graphics, it cause more excitement than any other incremental updates they did. Just price is awful and definitely not worth of this phone

  • james

its expensive
Samsung Does not take into account the financial power of the peoples

  • AnonD-740004

Kiyasuriin, 26 Feb 2018I tried looking what F values it had but couldn't find. w... moreFrom gsmarena n86 review

"Another cameraphone innovation found on the Nokia N86 8MP is its variable aperture. It's not technically a first since the Motorola Motozine ZN5 was the pioneer here but it's still rare enough.

In layman's terms, theory says the variable aperture allows the camera to choose either the benefit of better-than-standard light sensitivity or better-than-standard sharpness throughout the whole depth of the photo.

And to use the proper terminology, Nokia N86 8MP shoots at F/2.4 to let more light in low-light conditions and to F/3.2 or F/4.8 when light conditions allow it. Technically the photos at smaller apertures (indicated by a larger F-stop value) should be sharper and with larger depth of field than photos shot by any other 8 megapixel cameraphone on the market."

See, even moto did it first. They did not reimagine anything.

  • Anonymous

Scandinavia s9 899 s9+ 999 €

The battery capacity should've been bumped to 4000 mAh and 4500 mAh respectively for the S9 and S9+, it's been three generations since the S7 & S7 Edge, the battery capacity is the same. One of the things I hate on my S7 is the battery backup I get.

  • Anonymous

The most boring launch ever. Animoji and dual camera you kidding me? After all that money spent on advertising mocking Apple? Hilarious.

Samsung is officially behind now, the Chinese manufacturers are more innovative than this.

  • Anonymous

So these are the proper S8 and S8+ with the CORRECT fp scanner placement yay! ;) Could have also added the batt capacity oh well. I'm actually just a bit bummed that there's no Note FE 2 w/ a 4000mAh battery as a follow up.

AnonD-740004, 26 Feb 2018Nokia n86 has variable aperture. "Reimagined" does not ... moreI tried looking what F values it had but couldn't find.
would you kindly tell me what were the options in N86? It interests me.

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2018Well at least it is not a downgrade as S8 was to S7 (same S... moreSame SOC!? wow. it's different leagues.
The mongoose M2 is clocked at 2.3 GHz, it achieves by avarage 2100 points by geekbench.
the newer M3 is clocked half a gigahertz higher, but achieves nearly the double score, 3700 points.
M2 has fairly narrow instruction pipe, M3 has (by our means atleast) has it as wide as a dual lane road. achieving better floating point preformance. and Algorithmic-logical preformance.
not to mention the new A55 core, it didn't appear in 8895.
get your eyes checked bruh.