Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. the Galaxy S9: Specs Infographic

25 February 2018
While the Samsung S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus may look familiar to their predecessors, comparing the specs in detail reveals the enhancements.

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  • Catman

And one more thing, I'd like to see the cell made just a little wider, maybe about a quarter inch more.

  • Catman

I just got my S8+ not too long ago and now I see this S9+?! I like having the latest phns, but this ridiculous! One new version then only a few months later a new upgraded one comes out! I guess I think I'll just wait til I finish up paying this one then by that time, in less then 2 years later, they'll probably have the S15+ out, with a hologram that comes out of the cell when you get a call you choose to open that hologram up to have a video call of sorts just I saw in a movie with Robert Downing Jr.

at least my S8+ is not obsolete. thanks.

  • melayu

The target is not S8 users but previous generations .. perhaps

  • Levy

Max, 26 Feb 2018Nothing of interest then...? Expected as much, wasn't wrong...You're wrong.

That wallpaper reminds me of iphone 6.

  • AnonD-218710

Nothing No up sized, only slow motion and thickness increased! Why wud any one by 1k bugs phone every year, and fill Samsung Coffeurs!

  • Max

Nothing of interest then...? Expected as much, wasn't wrong...

No doubt the S9 looks like a refined version of the S8, especially on the rear side where the fingerprint sensor is positioned below the camera to facilitate easier unlocking using fingerprints but it doesn't look minimalistic like the S7 & S7 Edge back design. It's been three generations since the S7 & S7 Edge, the battery capacity hasn't changed and that's something you can't help but complain about.

Doc, 25 Feb 2018Samsung fooling people who are loyal to brand....shame...Fooling people by making the best Android phone that's ever been made. Yeah, shame on you Samsung!

  • stickerlicker

Imagine peeps, you are also getting a software upgrade to android oreo and a few other things with a multi hundred dollar price increase. There you go samsung fan people.

  • Anonymous

Imperator Neubaticus, 25 Feb 2018Pretty much. Good upgrade choices for those with 2015-2016 ... moreS7E is better.

Arguably better camera (in well lit scenes, worse in night scenes), more battery, better fingerprint placement, better ram amanagement than S8 (and possibly s7).

So yeah, not a clear upgrade for the "2016" people. If anything a downgrade for some.

Anonymous , 26 Feb 2018Don't be nuts there some hardware updates as welllol.. extra hardware upgrade? Like stereo speakers (whoopy doo) and slightly better face recog? Come on..

  • Anonymous

BCHLIU, 26 Feb 2018So.. only a CPU upgrade from the Note 8 then?Don't be nuts there some hardware updates as well

So.. only a CPU upgrade from the Note 8 then?

  • AnonD-671411

sohail shafayat, 25 Feb 2018S9/+ aste thicker than their predecessor, wider and heavier... moreProject treble has been discontinued by google

  • Kiko

And the gps chip?

  • Anonymous

Apple does the same thing. Next year expect Samsung to bring something new.

  • dengusoft

should show performance improvement over predecessor due to that faster soc.

  • Anonymous

Vic, 25 Feb 2018Great.... Newer device is thicker, wider and heavier with t... moreIt's probably becauae of the new cameras