partners with SmartViser for automating its battery life test for phone reviews

26 February 2018
After months of prodding and fine-tuning, we’re almost ready to deploy an automated system for testing the battery life of the phones we review.

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Akinaro, 26 Feb 2018As far as I understand concept of unifying battery testing... th... moreI bet you arent a fan. If you consider real life heavy usage to give you two days worth of juice. That is light usage. Heavy usage won't give you more than a day, if that.

As far as I understand concept of unifying battery testing... those data will be fake as any benchmark. We will end with another useless statistic that have nothing to do with reality. In real life phone is speedy and run everything fine, but on benchmark it have 1-4% less numbers in score and people put such device in trash saying its slow. Now we gonna have the same with batteries. In real life phone will last even 2 days of heavy usage, but your automatic test will give it some weird score and people will bash it for no reason.

So no, im not a fan of it. I would prefer real person opinion and test, not plain data that have no use in life.

Haha Samsung, Sony, Nokia and Xiaomi are unveiling something in WMC, why should our fav. should stay behind? :P

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Is about time!! Can't wait to see some meaningful data.

Here is the link

Good News...