Actions on Google Assistant now understand 7 new languages

27 February 2018
Users can now build Actions in Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Dutch.

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Thariq12, 28 Feb 2018Retrain function only shows the "OK Google" command. The only thing I can think of is your google app is not up to date. At least that was what happened to me.

  • Pazhani

Why not Thamizh, the most ancient language?

  • AnonD-428442

95%? LOL. Assistant requires Android 6.0, yet look how many phones out there still on Lollipop and lower. Google is fooling themselves.

leledumbo, 27 Feb 2018Retrain your voice modelRetrain function only shows the "OK Google" command.

Thariq12, 27 Feb 2018Anyone having problem in "hey Google" command? My old device wi... moreRetrain your voice model

Ah... Indonesian, now my voice command will sound weird since my light bulbs are named in English.

Anyone having problem in "hey Google" command?
My old device with marshmallow support this function but the latest device with oreo support only "OK Google". (all apps running latest version)

""Brazilian Portuguese""
Best joke ever... Its like instead of Spanish put there "Mexican"

Also still no Polish... Plus Spanish is often buggy,

  • AnonD-270214

Brazilian Portuguese is supported, but Portuguese is not lol

  • Anonymous

I have Cortana on my desktop at work, Cortana on my laptop at home, and Cortana on my phone wherever I go. And it always gets the job done.
Whereas Siri is too limited and Google's assistant is a bugfest that barely understands basic commands.
Alexa is rather nice too, but only for home and leisure use. No real business.

  • jim