Land Rover Explore hands-on: Modular rugged phone with extra battery

27 February 2018
The 5” phone has a sturdy build and comes bundled with an external battery pack.

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  • AnonD-696124

AnonD-739791, 27 Feb 2018Beautiful. It's like the Nexus 4 was made of plastic. Looks more like the Galaxy Nexus i had a few years back, before switching to the nexus 5.
It's absurdly similiar

And like actual Land Rovers, it will be NOTORIOUSLY UNRELIABLE and leave you stranded when you, err, Explore. Sorry, I just had to. The name gave it away.

There'll be a leak in the seals and what you thought was a water-resistant phone will be a brick when i comes to contact with some rainwater. Or the battery will go bad and it will be a headache to fix; you'd be better off with a "lesser" brand, like Xiaomi.

  • AnonD-739791

Beautiful. It's like the Nexus 4 was made of plastic.