Check out our Nokia 8 Sirocco video hands-on from MWC 2018

27 February 2018
We also have camera samples and benchmarks.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2018Only the second device (after the Mate 10) to pair 16:9 screen w... moreOne of the reason I like this phone.

  • waiting

waiting to buy 5pcs of this phone. one for me and the 4pcs left would be for my friends. my gift to them. my history of phones is nokia until 2013 then sony for 2014-2015 then moto 2015-2016 then 2016-2018 nokia. i love nokia the way they are and how the fans are very chill compare to the other fans from the other brands out there that they need to bash other brands out there. nokia is not about the profit is all about the people they care about and their phones that can stay longer into you even if you can drop it.

  • Anonymous

My next phone could be Nokia or Xiaomi with clean Android.

  • Anonymous

Only the second device (after the Mate 10) to pair 16:9 screen with minimal bazels. Brilliant and well done.

  • onur

i love it,

I bought a Moto X4 that cost me 290 euros and it has almost the same features as this Nokia, although this Sirocco has better CPU, camera and some other detail but is not worth 700 euros, it is a totally disproportionate figure. In addition, the design of the Moto X4 is much better than this Nokia although I know this is a minor aspect.

  • AnonD-741156


The design is nice indeed, i find the back quite beautiful, cuved screen is useless tho, even Samsung's curved displays aren't that useful i'd say but at least they add software features that are only for this kind of screens.
Nokia uses an almost stock Android version and that obviously doesn't make any use for a curved screen, and that makes this design be purely just something aesthetic, i hope they do add something for this phone since it would be a total waste if not.
Also no jack? seriously? agh i rather use the original Nokia 8

  • Anonymous

Not anotha apple copy bezeless but stylish euro design unlike clueless chinee design

  • AnonD-499774

€708 ? wow!

  • Love the Community

MG7, 27 Feb 2018why 16:9Because it's definitive and better. Enjoy while there's no 18:9 footages.

why 16:9