Unannounced vivo V9 appears on a billboard in Indonesia with a screen notch

28 February 2018
In case you were wondering - yes, vivo can play the notch game too.

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perfect notch..

  • Your Nickname

Notch everywhere. By the way, I saw that billboard just now.

  • AnonD-741641

My last post is rebuttal of Anonymous statement which mention haters of this phone are not afford bla..bla.. .
There are various reasons why ones dislike or like certain smartphone.
Every year we meet new OS version. The best phone this year will give an "out of date" feeling only in one year no matter how expensive it is.
Because of that, no wonder if there are people who choose to buy cheaper model which give quite good qualities like Xiaomi. It is more wise to not pay more for something if you can get that something better in cheaper price. :D

  • AnonD-741641

Anonymous, 02 Mar 201810/10 will buy. These haters are most likely Xiaomi fanboys whic... more10/10 people who are afford will only buy the latest and best smartphone of Samsung or Iphone in example S9+ . If you buy Vivo you also can be called not afford people. :D
So, forget using not afford people phrase.

  • Anonymous

10/10 will buy. These haters are most likely Xiaomi fanboys which can't afford the phone, and settle with their subpar front camera on their cheap redmi device. And I bet, they will also praise the notch and worship it after Xiaomi put it on their phone.

  • Anonymous

Who the brand ambassador is? Is she ladyboy? Vivo v7 has antenna band in the cover, although it is plastick. Seems like they just copy the design from otger brand without knowing what the necessary.

  • LLL

Vivo contracts Agnez Mo while Oppo goes with Chelsea Islan...

No way I buy their overpriced gadgets, anyway.

  • Anonymous

Look at the overhead cable....lol.
Anyway, this brand is always copy the design from apple or samsung. Never buy it

  • AnonD-724782

cheapsk8, 28 Feb 2018I guess they skipped 8 to avoid infringing on juiceVivo v5 > vivo v7 > vivo v9

  • Anonymous

A notch and a chin. Absolutely pathetic. Apple brand recognition is so powerful that they make their competitors embarrass themselves.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2018I really don't see what is so good about a notch on a screenYou have a little more screen, in two pieces, elemental my dear Watson

  • AnonD-573413

wait agnez mo is vivo brand ambassador right?

  • AnonD-617820

Actually laughing, AgnezMo is apparently a Vivo ambassador

  • Anonymous

I really don't see what is so good about a notch on a screen

  • AnonD-694451

Dear Phone Manufacturer,
Can you make your phone look more stupid other than adding an ugly notch to your phone?
i'm sure you can,

thank you,
Not your buyer

  • Gan

There is nothing to be surprised when chinese companies follow apple...

Now, the trend is: assemble any components, whatever, choose a silly name (or copy from somewhere) and put a horrible notch on top of the screen (this is a must nowadays), and there you go! A brand "new" device to throw at the market for all those sad wannabe fruity fans

  • AnonD-51109

Ugh, this is bad trends. After remove 3,5 mm jack, hybrid sim, memory card card slot. Then they added very ugly notch, and maybe next flagship remove sim card slot too and replace it with e sim. Casual user like me don't need flagship anymore, since mid range smartphones getting better and reliable. I'm ex moto z user & somehow feel cheated by dual sim hybrid option, which is limit my storage if I choose dual sim usage. But have no 3,5mm jack really kill's me. Usb C handsfree just expensive & doesn't show any improvement over standard 3,5mm ones. Today Bluetooth & wireless handsfree just not practical, poor battery life & sound quality with really expensive price. I hope phone maker can focusing make quality product, not just copying another heavily just for sales figures number sake

  • Anonymous

Mitochondria, 28 Feb 2018'Nobody will copy the ugly notch!' And yet here we are, sad b... moreU're goddam right! Not how that ignorant @ProJames, a few comments ago, he can't understand that all NOTCH-HATERS, have faith on samsung, because until now...the almost only oem agains the "APPLE NOTCH FESTIVAL (& all apple technology)". Not only for creativity follows the phones, also follow trends, trends make fashion, and fashion makes money for sales, believe or not people...the apple's notch done a fashion trend, maximizing the usable screen to the user, leaving spaces besides the notch for date and notifications, leaving useful space under the notch to apps, because w/o notch, that bar were date and notifications are, will be stealing useful app space to user, how happens with android, also reducing the phone size and reducing bezels. Many oems now're following the notch trend, had to happen, because apple maybe not a innovator, but leaving trends on smartphone industry....they're experts.
So @ProJames, if u believe on trolls, maybe u need some scholarship, before comment. Have a nice day :).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2018Anonymous new supplier for those screens. Looks like all phones ... moreSony's, hopefully HTC's and hopefully LG's...