Get $100 Google Store credit when you buy a Google Pixel 2 XL

01 March 2018
The offer can be combined with a trade-in device credit.

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  • EarthMan
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  • 02 Mar 2018

Better get 100 dollars discount on this overpriced phone. It's an excellent phone, but just too expensive.

    Is spearhead of New World Order really in cash trouble?

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      • AlexG
      • RrK
      • 02 Mar 2018

      Trump Fan 1980, 02 Mar 2018 Sadly, I wrongly predicted that the Pixel 2 line would be ... moreI don't think so... Google sold pretty good, especially the smaller version. In Christmas, they even managed to sell more than Apple and Samsung.

        Note7 owner, 02 Mar 2018Will be BOGO by Black Friday. About 3 weeks ago Sams Club ran such a bogo Verizon offer.

          Anonymous, 02 Mar 2018Pixels r failed project unfortunately Sadly, I wrongly predicted that the Pixel 2 line would be better or much better than both Pixel 1 and one or more other high end 2017 models. Unfortunately, a lack of reliability and a lack of headphone jack has resulted in subpar status's for the current crop of Pixels.
          On a positive note, I would like to hope that this year's Pixels will be more reliable.
          I wond

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            • ELT
            • 02 Mar 2018

            Pixels r failed project unfortunately

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              • AnonD-286712
              • Q5T
              • 02 Mar 2018

              where do you see 400 gift card offer? all i see is upto 400 back on trade-in of old phones

                Will be BOGO by Black Friday.

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                  • IbF
                  • 02 Mar 2018

                  Wow, what a deal. I will buy ten!