New leak reveals HTC U12 will come with dual camera (12MP+16MP) and 256GB storage

05 March 2018
Other specs include 8MP front camera, 3,420mAh battery, and Android 8.0 (full Treble support).

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2018With that size battery, forget it. I'll never understand why com... moreIt's not a small battery, it's a better processor (845). No need for a large battery!

  • Anonymous

Vish, 07 Apr 2018I bought the HTC u11+. Took a shower with it and it stopped work... moreNo phone is water proof, they are generally water resistant but never water proof.

  • Anonymous

QC4.0+ is a must as well. If you give us average battery size then you damn well better make sure we can top up quickly.

  • Anonymous

With that size battery, forget it. I'll never understand why companies don't get it through their thick skulls. If you want to offer us a massive display, then pack in a big battery so we can use it.

  • Vish

I bought the HTC u11+. Took a shower with it and it stopped working for two days. This phone is not waterproof. I called the company and they were defensive and saying that the phone should not get wet because warranty will be voided.

The phone is a good phone but if you advertise waterproof then it should be waterproof

  • AnonD-457956

3420 mah battery capacity!!! Another hit from HTC. It will surely sell like crazy...

  • mike

is this phone that bad??? i have been with htc forever,int let unless down... do it properly or fold... add a jack it is required !!!

  • "Big B"

HTC, You were and still are the most innovative mobile phone manufacturer around. 1st to make a big screen (HD2), 1st all metal (M7), 1st front firing speakers (M7/M7 Plus) 1st fingerprint scanner (M7 plus), 1st 4G (Evo 4G), 1st portrait mode (M8), maybe it was (Evo 3D/ Dual Cameras). Either way, the list goes on and on! And, one of the most important things is that your company's devices are always bootloader friendly and tough as nails. I have owned at least 6 HTC flagship devices and have loved them all, Thanks HTC, Keep Rocking !!!

In past it should be excellent phone but in present era the HTC is a company who is facing extinict soon very soon.

  • AnonD-8008

Hope they go to the right ditection

Oh pleace let there be an notch please...(sarcasm)

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  • alx

My u11 is the best smartphone ever, previuous I had many other models of htc but this is the nr 1. Always htc.

  • Anonymous

dladz, 06 Mar 2018Please tell me precisely what another phone will offer over this... more You want to know what other oem's can offer over this? For one, a headphone jack. Also, the U12 sounds like a phablet to me. The XZ2 Compact offers a phone that can more universally fit properly into more peoples hands than a phablet can. These are but two examples.

  • peachy001

dladz, 06 Mar 2018Please tell me precisely what another phone will offer over this... moreWhy would you compare it to the s8? My (semi-average) consumer take is below:

Bezels: - my opinion is that I like a little at the top and bottom, a self camera width is as low as I need it to get.
Memory - hell of an amount, but 64GB to 128GB is pretty much all that most need
Camera - Will likely be very good on HTC, likely to compete against this year's flagships
Battery - poor, as is the rumoured G7 and S9 models. Huawei and the Chinese crew know this, and offer better, far better.
OS - Sense - I would be happy with this and Touchwiz sounds dire.
Performance - Exynos and SD845 are so close, it is not worth arguing over. RAM at 6GB is spot on - but likely many other flagships will follow.
Audio - A win for HTC, but LG are also as good here, and requires no dongle.
Screen - The U11+ screen was universally panned, and slurped juice. I hate Samsung Amoleds at regular levels (I have to turn them down), but this year theirs are likely to beat HTC offering. TBH, I would be happy with the screen from the Mate 10 Pro.
Waterproof - Same for all flagships
Support - I hear no positive HTC reports, and very few for any other manufacturer - Incidentally - Microsoft were great when I sent them my 950XL - 7 days to get back.
Price - Will be high price circa £700
Additional feature ie: Squeeze - no ta - does not add enough.
Data speed (5G) - I can't see it - and not enough telcos offer the backend.
Charge speed - possibly good on a wire - but with no wireless charging, they are not at the level of a flagship (IMO). It is one feature that could elevate them, but they ignore it.
Aftermarket development ie: I couldn't care less. I buy a phone to use, not tinker with.

dladz, 06 Mar 2018Please tell me precisely what another phone will offer over this... moreYou're clearly one of the "HTC enthusiasts" I was referring to and there's nothing wrong with that. But note that nowhere did I mention Samsung - don't make this about fanboyism. I'm clearly stating that there is such thing as cautious optimism. On top of that your comparison table is completely one-sided. Try and be a bit more be subjective. If HTC was as uncompromising and as clear-cut a winner as you portray them to be, they wouldn't be having consistent loses quarter after quarter - perhaps they'd be in the top 5 (oh, say like back in 2012).

As the state of LG has shown, you can't just match the competition - you have to bring something to the table that sets you apart from the competition. Or as Chinese OEM's have shown, at least price yourself competitively. Till then, I suspect HTC will continue to underwhelm.

  • Anonymous

please sony.. don't copy htc again

  • AnonD-705498

they said up to u even understand english

  • AnonD-145316

dladz, 06 Mar 2018Will be getting this phone, but with a 3,400 battery and a 2K di... moreWith that same 2k screen and a 3000mah battery HTC U11 has to staler battery performance! So am waiting to see how that 3400mah will perform with even more efficient SD 845.

Why would anyone buy HTC instead of Pixel, for example? I just don't see how HTC differentiates its product. It clearly isn't cheaper so what's left? Just the LCD screen? Meh.

  • Force Majeure

Almost 6" phone and only 3420 mAh? Xiaomi could put 4000-5000 mAh in such device, easily, for ½ the price. xD