Nokia 9 on the way, details leak with a Snapdragon 845 and “best in-class” camera

05 March 2018
Nokia isn’t done announcing its lineup for 2018. Reports say a Nokia 9 may have an innovative camera.

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  • martin

only with xenon i will buy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018Yes . Which sadly I was not able to own. But did have the 1... moreThis is rumoured to have xenon flash too.

  • Anonymous

SpiritWolf, 06 Mar 2018That would be still Nokia 808 Pureview, if we are talking a... moreXenon flash incoming?

  • Hekato Jr.

The late announcement and high price is a joke and a slap to tech freaks.
Nokia should never have revived and just stayed in history and die as a legend without any further mistakes like experiences from Microsoft

Why the fingerprint scanner place at the upper position? When we pick out the phone from pocket must be hold on the bottom of the phone, so the fingerprint scanner should place at the center of the phone for easier reach of finger.

Considering all thats possible this would be best phone on the market of 2018 year for a best reasonable price.
Where others are ruled by greed for money Nokia will shine with power that swallow other competitors like a light breakfast.
Great job Nokia we love you and we are proud of you.

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2018blackberry is betterBlackberry is dead or close to extinct company.
Same like HTC.

Carol, 06 Mar 2018if i read dxo mark again, i vomit. And from a verrry gooood... moreNever forget the way they humiliated our 808 and 1020 for having bad DR and mediocre photo sharpness while shooting all photos in auto 5Mpx mode.

Carol, 06 Mar 2018if i read dxo mark again, i vomit. And from a verrry gooood... moreYeah, DXOmark is a joke. Any phone can be at the top of the scoreboard as long as DXOmark gets paid for it.

  • Anonymous

I didn't even know there was a Nokia 8 Pro, they're releasing too many versions of basically the same phone with subtle differences.

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018Agreed, the size and battery life would make near perfect. ... moreI think the new Nokia 8 sirocco is ideal compact phone with a huge screen. At only 140mm high I think it's perfect size. Great combo.

  • Anonymous

If only it ran on something else rather than Android, I buy it in an instant. Even if it's Windows 10, I'd still choose it over any Android version.
It's sad to see good hardware and design paired with Gspyware OS.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018Quite possible to see. Nokia 5 is one of those phones that ... moreAgreed, the size and battery life would make near perfect. Still waiting on full reviews on the 6 camera with its zeiss lens.

  • Carol

Lightning McQueen, 06 Mar 2018Looks like someone is talking the Lumia 1020 and 808 again.... moreif i read dxo mark again, i vomit. And from a verrry gooood reason.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018Nokia are certainly storming back. Such a big range of phon... moreQuite possible to see. Nokia 5 is one of those phones that is almost compact!
So Nokia 6 type hardware upgrade would make it quite ideal near compact phone to market where we have old XZ1 compact, Apple se in highend and some other in lower price categories.

They need to do something really big and promising to kick-start their renaissance. I hoped that their designs would have risen to the task but seeing as that hasn't been the case, launching this with a in-screen fingerprint reader or a first-to-market camera feature / technology to best the Pixel 2 might just do that.

  • shabaz

Nokia again in the game god going Nokia

If they beat galaxy flagships in camera and display den people will happily pay the $1000 price....
Most flagship users are paying that for same flagships every year anyways.....

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018On screen fingerprint reader. That's revolutionary. If tech... moreVivo already have a smartphone with fp under display.....
And samsung has the patent and design for front facing camera under display

  • Anonymous

sportsman, 06 Mar 2018I can agree. Can you give an example? :DAlmost any phone