Spotify blocks pirated versions of its app

05 March 2018
The music streaming service is warning these users’ to install official versions of the app via email.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018Why would anyone use services, subscriptions when you can simply... moreBecause is illegal and people is honest! :)

  • alphagamers

its still working for me.
pirates 1
spotify 0

  • AnonD-737211

Honestly this service isn't worth upgrading for..."remove ads and get 'offline' usage" for $10/mo? Um, no.

  • Anonymous

So just make another account and continue?

  • Anonymous

John, 06 Mar 2018Well, if you go for the Spotify Family you just pay 20 Euros a y... moreUnfortunately, John it's not the same for all markets. I'm in Australia and the family plan is $17.99 AUD a month which is $215 AUD a year 135 Euro / year.

Btw what do you mean by "Europe"? As I'm sure its not referring to the "rich" countries

  • Anonymous

AnonD-739791, 06 Mar 2018Spotify is taking the right step. Pirates need to gain perspecti... moreI'll never learn to respect them because they are all crooks and don't deserve any money.

  • Anonymous

I use saavn, i don't give a f about Spotify

Users in the UAE and India are also getting this warning in their email. Even those who claimed they paid for the service with their VISAs and Mastercards.

Spotify is not available for download and use, moreso get a Premium subscription, in India and the UAE. Hell, Spotify is only available in 60 countries; Apple Music is available in 114.

  • AnonD-739791

Spotify is taking the right step. Pirates need to gain perspective. Back then stealing ten songs would have them have to pay millions of dollars, and instead of paying a fee to legally stream all the music they want, they rather steal that, too. One day they might learn to respect Spotify and their favorite artists, but I truly want them to respect outside of a cage before they get in one.

  • Anonymous

LMAO at the people saying they'll 'take their business elsewhere' now that Spotify is cracking down on their pirating of its premium service. That was the idea xD

  • AnonD-728521

I don't use Spotify at all. They are crooks. The royalties they pay artists are a joke. If you actually care about artists getting paid you'd have Napster. The only competing services that pay worse is YouTube and Pandora.

  • Noah

Spotify isn't available in my country, but I found a way to actually pay for the premium version anyway. Since I can't download it from the Play store, I had to sideload it. I actually like it so much, that I pay for it even though I could just use the pirated app. With going public, they should really do everything they can to reach as many markets as possible. Shame they're getting beat by Google and Apple.

  • SER

Very good

AnonD-551984, 06 Mar 2018true pirated software maybe temporarily blocked if they found th... moreI had deezer. so many songs are missing there.
I would actually prefer Apple music, and believe me. It's the only apple thing I love!

  • AnonD-551984

true pirated software maybe temporarily blocked if they found the backdoor. It will only take a few days and they will be back at it. Why would spotify even acknowledge it was happening? LOL now thousands more people just got the heads up, yes it's out there, and you don't pay!
Spotify again doing lame stuff, like the download restriction while on an active paying account! Fudge that, If I'm paying you do not restrict me.

Best move, go to Deezer! Same catalog and no download restriction, and I do not see all my MEM gone from just playing.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018Why would anyone use services, subscriptions when you can simply... moreSo that the musicians and movie makers would actually get paid for their work.

  • AnonD-244086

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018LOL yes i do use a pirated version. But you know what? I also ha... moreHello my fellow pirate,I don't know about sound quality of Spotify,but i always get flac,wav 24 bit from obscure sources than lossy Spotify

  • Anonymous

I actually tried to pay but it's unavailable in my country so I had to use the modified version.

  • Anonymous

LOL yes i do use a pirated version. But you know what? I also have ~12K songs on my phone. And i also listen to internet radiostations. So if they block me...oh well, bye then!

Their app is ridiculously made anyway. It caches everything you listen to so even if you have 100GB of free memory, it will be gone sooner or later and you'll have to delete all the garbage manually. People have been complaining for years and yet they don't care. Well, then i don't care about them either.

  • AnonD-468012

SoundCloud I come...