ARM unveils mid-range Mali-G52 GPU as well as the entry-level G31

06 March 2018
The Mali-G52 offers a 3.6x performance boost in machine learning over the G51 which it replaces.

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  • Anonymous

Kiyasuriin, 06 Mar 2018In pure GFlop count. It's true the mali cores are the smallest. ... moreCore aren't the same. It's like CPU, you have Big cores and small cores.
PowerVR use bigger core than Mali. You Can compare a PowerVR7200 (2 cores) to a MaliT880mp4.
You can't compare GPU by counting cores

Gflops aren't the solution to compare too.
Gflops are only a part of the problem.
The higher gpflops doesn't mean the higher FPS count.
GPU has several tasks to treat :
- texturing
- geometry
- newer things like Tesselation.

Benchmarks aren't the solution too.
They mostly test texturing (And memory bandwidth).
The solution to top the charts, is to increase texture capabilities. It often lead to throttling problems
In many real games, texturing isn't the problem.
So that, benchmarks will sais flagships are 200% better than mid-range, and you will probably get maybe 30% better performances in real game (with same settings).

About PowerVR, they have a huge weakness : Tesselation (for exemple, gfxbench, you can't find any information about Tesselation on Apple's devices). It will probably be the next feature in games when you will use the higher display settings.

Mali performs far better for Tesselation.
If take Adreno 506 and MaliT880mp2, both are close. Except on Tesselation, T880 is about 60% better on it.
I think Mali will growing older better than Adreno

  • Force Majeure

I like PowerVR and Nvidia's X1 GPU better. :P

  • Anonymous

Why no mention on the claimed large reduction in heat?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018Adreno much better.Powervr is much better

  • AnonD-459237

To be honest i do welcomed these GPUs because the Mali-400 series, they replacing, is as much as obsolute for today's performance. Is about time ARM make a push on the entry level segment. I'm also hoping to see most entry level chipsets relying on Cortex-A53 instead of A7 as in MT6582. Is time people with budget or low income devices get a little boost in performance. Not to say is for high level stuff like gaming but just to keep up with the time and current demand in the android market.

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018Adreno much better.In pure GFlop count. It's true the mali cores are the smallest. (Even the mighty G72 is just 60% of the size of one Imageon core used in Adreno.)
And while mali and PowerVR do reveal the core count. Do you know how many cores an Adreno uses? Let's take the 630, how many GPU cores it has?

  • Anonymous

Adreno much better.

I Hope Mediatek will finally up it's core count from 4 max. A mali G52MP8 would sound good for a PX for example.
Regardless. KUDOS to Arm for bringing these awesome GPU cores!