Prices for LG V30s ThinQ unveiled, it launches in South Korea tomorrow

08 March 2018
Older LG V30 units will be updated with ThinQ AI software later this year - emphasis on "later".

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  • Limona

LG V30 is a great phone but I can't believe they want so much money for this update.

And still not update to Oreo for LG V30/V30+ in Europe.

Wow, just wow, really overpriced...

You can get a Chinese alternative just as good for much less. Huawei Mate 10/Pro just to name a few...

That said, they will not sell many units, LG is heading in the same direction as HTC.

  • Anonymous

maybe I`m an idiot.and I know google is pushing AI, but I don`t think that AI will be such a big deal.maybe gsmarena should make a pool and ask people how much do they use AI.this reminds me of google glass.