Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) gets new update

09 March 2018
Arriving as version A530FXXU2ARB9, it's a security update that brings along Android fixes for the month of March.

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  • 24 Apr 2018

Oh! No! What an inconvenience...

They took away the 3 x 3 keyboard. I type faster using one hand with a 3 x 3 keyboard.

Please bring it back. Never take it away please.

    dxyuyu, 09 Mar 2018I tried it multiple times and i'm buying it soon I'm very ... moreI waited a year to upgrade from my a5 2016 to the a5 2017, ended up paying £190, bargain!, that's pretty much over half price of the initial rrp launch price.

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      • 00s
      • 10 Mar 2018

      My cost is 350€ with points of vodafone, i'm happy with that, not expensive

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        • AnonD-511284
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        • 10 Mar 2018

        Btw I m not Samsung fan boy,I just user of Samsung xiaomi.If all xiaomi fans said samsung bit expensive yes it is but i brought note 8 because i need features s pen and the pen as note name it not like xiaomi nameing with note bu t there are no features note using a pen just using name to camouflage one best Xiaomi are cheap high-end CPU with low price tag if I need phone for playing game I will choose that "again" (if Xiaomi fix management of ram first).sorry no hurt feelings Xiaomi fan boys. And what I dislike with Samsung are price tag long way to hell like apple I hope Samsung will realise they price tag to much but one I suspicious why all mobile phone year after year rise price even Xiaomi it self. That a big mystery.

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          • AnonD-731363
          • SnY
          • 09 Mar 2018

          Midranger for price of flagship? Like anyone bought it.
          Very Funny.
          S9 manufacturing price is 320 dollars A8 selling price is 550. A8 plus 650.
          You can keep your junk there are other companies which doesnt rob its customers.
          Like xiaomi. Mi7 cost 350 eur and thats a flagship with much better everything.

            Eric Jay, 09 Mar 2018it will be the best smartphone ever,if use by customers whi... moreI tried it multiple times and i'm buying it soon
            I'm very sure that the price is going to drop in April which I'm planning on changing my current phone at that time I'm predicting a price within 410 - 460$ by the end of April which also going to be attending a technology business related event in my city which i think the offers there are going to effect the price also

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              • Eric Jay
              • Nu7
              • 09 Mar 2018

              dxyuyu, 09 Mar 2018Best smartphone everit will be the best smartphone ever,if use by customers which comments or reviews about the phone is excellent thought its features are very excellent but we have to access the phone for its features confirmation.

                Best smartphone ever

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                  • wce
                  • 09 Mar 2018

                  i got last month's update but it was still december patch.... samsung's updates really overrated.

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                    • 09 Mar 2018

                    What needs updating is the price