Galaxy Note9 will not have a fingerprint reader under its display, KGI now claims

09 March 2018
The original assessment by KGI and Ming-Chi Kuo was that Samsung will get it working in time for the Note9.

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  • nofear

AnonD-244086, 10 Mar 2018Samsung is obsolete when it comes to technologyNo useful information at all. Gives your justification.

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2018Ask Microsoft... Lumia 950 cant be fooled by photograph lik... moreDid that photograph had your iris?

  • AnonD-244086

Samsung is obsolete when it comes to technology

AnonD-741204, 10 Mar 2018And it is too much work to pick up your phone and place you... moreI use my thumb to type with, so it's on the front and close to front fps. I need to rise my finger to reach the back fps. Back fps would probably be ok on phones below 5". And yes, it's annoying to have to pick up the phone every single time you want to use it. Try to ask any supporter on how they use their phones, and they will say it's laying on the table or whatever, front up. Even the people using both thumbs to type with, aren't near the back fps. So the question is, how tf do you hold your phone?

  • AnonD-576767

Samsung is going to add an spen to S9+ =note 9
No more surprise.
What IAM thinking before in note series they made wide display setup it's good for note taking
Now they making taller ugly display landscape

  • AnonD-576767

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2018Samsux note 9 will be the same as s9 with an s pen100 % true
Same as before

  • AnonD-576767

AnonD-731491, 09 Mar 2018if it took 10 years to put double loudspeaker for this will... moreLol

  • Anonymous

Hayaan Mo Sila, 10 Mar 2018Premium models come out every 18 months, so does a new sens... moreI have no idea how XZ2 Premium looks like.
My humble guess : 100% screen + in-screen fps + acoustic surface

  • Anonymous

Under screen finger scanning is a absolute waste of time.

Samsung focus on MILT STD 810 G
We all need more robust phones... Yet good looking ones.

  • AnonD-741204

Zenodroid, 09 Mar 2018Fps on the back is cancer. 99% of the people put their phon... moreAnd it is too much work to pick up your phone and place you finger on the back to unlock the screen?

How do you hold your phone? By the ends with the tips of your fingers so you can stare at the keypad while on a call? Most people hold it with one hand and guess what? Your finger is right where the FP sensor is.


Anonymous, 09 Mar 2018Wait long long. The higher the expectations, the greater th... moreThe more you trust the makers, the better they will work.
Instead of hating Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, and whatever company, I want them to be motivated.
Criticism can be done in a very nice manner with matured language.
That Imperator N. is a perfect example of why our world hasn't seen any amazing technological advancement for the past 5 years.

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2018I doubt it comes at IFA. At MWC they said soon about dual... morePremium models come out every 18 months, so does a new sensor.
The flagship phone that they will announce at IFA will be the Premium or Pro version of the XZ2 with 4K HDR display. I just don't know what are they up now with the next Premium, but I'm sure it will be dope. I can't wait to see a bezel less XZ Premium.

On the other hand, the XZ3 will be announced next year, so that the XZ2 will be one year old at that time already.

Only samsung, 09 Mar 2018Same as Nexus S from 2011, face unlock is from jelly bean e... moreFace and voice, not just face.

Hmmm, what to say? If not negativity.

  • Anonymous

Hayaan Mo Sila, 09 Mar 2018Meanwhile, JDI already patented a screen glass-based finger... moreWait long long. The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

  • Only samsung

Zenodroid, 09 Mar 2018The face+voice scan on s4 was better. But shit out of luck ... moreSame as Nexus S from 2011, face unlock is from jelly bean era in android os.

  • PiCosm

Good. Here are the flaws with the whole 'Touch ID' system. 1. Won't work with gloves. 2. Won't work if you get glue on your fingers when repairing your r/c aircraft or are suffering burns to your finger(s). 3. Requires finger gymnastics some of the time. The eye recognition system on my Note8 (no, it's not Note 8) is pretty reliable and of course hands free, so works when I'm wearing gloves or covered in glue. I hope phone makers will focus on iPhone X type eye recognition so the process is seamless and reliable.

  • Speedy

Nokia 9 or 10 will have it

at least it still have fingerprint scanner you know...

  • AnonD-556354

I hope samsung made new phone and new name : Alpha instead of galaxy X and return galaxy tabS4 screen 8'4 like galaxy tab S now I used Tab S and still work. I love galaxy tab S screen 8'4 easy to put in the pocket.