Samsung Galaxy J8+ hits Geekbench with Snapdragon 625

12 March 2018
A couple of weeks ago we saw an Exynos 7870 version of this phone, seemingly the Galaxy J8 non-Plus.

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  • Mah

I really doubt if samsung team has thinktank with them..I know SD625 is capable enough but selling it for $200 would be bad idea nowadays

AnonD-743635, 12 Mar 2018Those scores are awfully low (by 10-14%) for a S625 based p... moreThese scores match the SD450, not 625. Furthermore SD450 has eight Cortex A53 cores at 1.8GHz. SD625 has them running at 2.0GHz. Compare the scores of this and the Mi A1 or the Moto G5S Plus AND you'll see.

  • AnonD-743635

Those scores are awfully low (by 10-14%) for a S625 based phone, and simultaneously too similar to the 7870 ones.

  • Anonymous

The J series is poorly priced and specced compared to the competition. Try harder Samsung.

  • Stickerlicker

It will probably come with Nougat.

  • jack

I'm using J7 2016 (using 7870 first time launch to market), now in 2018 it's still the same 7870. 2 years of waste & you want to get money by selling 2 years old chipset? lol

  • AnonD-621054

in this time exynous 7870 is 3 year old processer bad decision samsung you are definitely flop in indian market xioami is better value for money xioami is already no:1 in india I think samsung is going Nokia down stage in year

  • AnonD-743635

Geekbench 4.1
J7 pro (7870): 735/3768 Moto G5s+:843/4193 J8+(625) 749/3708
MMMm Smsung downclocked the 625 in the J8+ or is their UI so bad for perfomance?
Of course the GPU will run circles around the pathetic Mali T830MP1

Samsung J series are a total joke old CPU GPU and almost nothing new from rpevious 1-2 of the series and a much bigger price increase,
Also no updates at all nowhere.

Samsung company is a joke.
J series never get any update at all.
So buying a budget phone from Samsung is like waste of money.
Anyway we can expect 300 eur price for a phone worth maybe 100.

Phylyp, 12 Mar 2018Samsung keeps rehashing its same old J7 Prime internals, an... moreTheir J series makes me yawn dude. How many years are they going to release it with the EXYNOS 7870 until? 2020?

What is screen size. And display type ..
I think 5"99 inch display .
With 17 k

  • AnonD-468012

Damn SAMSUNG make me laugh!

Samsung keeps rehashing its same old J7 Prime internals, and then wonders why it loses market share to Xiaomi in price-sensitive markets like India.