vivo can't help itself, lists the V9 early in India revealing all of its specs

14 March 2018
New press renders too, even if somewhat low-res.

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  • AnonD-746201

I want to buy a mobile, so please suggest me better one...!

  • TechGeek

All phone companies seem to find the notch to be very nyc nd perfect for a phone .. its not jus vivo and that copies and puts a notch ... The notch is like a trend now and lot of other companies too add the bottom notch . So I wont completely blame vivo for this so we can jus maybe get used to it ? Anyways atleast vivo started focusing a little more on their back camera finally !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-674238, 15 Mar 2018GENDER DETECTION????????????????????????????????????????????????... more*incoming triggered apache helicopter

  • AdamBoy64

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2018I'm used to it by now, Chinaphone OEM's and Chinese companies in... moreApple would be flattered with all this imitation on a global scale. It's high praise to them.

  • Ada

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2018I'm used to it by now, Chinaphone OEM's and Chinese companies in... moreYeah, they don't try and hide it very well..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2018Shamelessly they have copied the notch, camera arrangement and e... moreI'm used to it by now, Chinaphone OEM's and Chinese companies in general have absolutely no shame or brains which is why they blatantly and aggressively copy others like nobody's business.

  • Anonymous

With that price, specs and lineageos it would be a nobrainer.

  • Anonymous

So this is basically a chick phone.

  • AnonD-674238

GENDER DETECTION???????????????????????????????????????­?????????????????????????????????????...WHAT

Why do these shit OEMs copied everything except the bottom bezel?

  • Anonymous

ItÂ’s an obvious iPhone copy but still the Most beautiful Android phone of the year.

  • Carol

Tech world just got a "notch" lower. It is like wannabe's frenzy here. Copycats and knockoff'ers are all over the place. This kind of companies should not be allowed to enter GSMarena information portal. UGLY design, by the way.

If they had managed to removed that bottom bezel it would have become a rock star.

  • Anonymous

Sadly, still no NFC

  • Anonymous

Oh come on. Even the wallpaper is copied from apple. -.-

  • Anonymous



Even both vivo and OPPO is doesnt really has true AI. (AI for front camera only? are you kidding me?)

  • AnonD-744741

vivo is not bad

  • Anonymous

Merwyn Fernandes, 15 Mar 2018Suprising to see that Oppo and Vivo articles have more comments ... moreAre you sure mate? Here in GSMA articles about Sony is always full with wars and whatnot. I think it's Sony which garner most comments. Samsung articles are often crowded too, especially in articles about their flagships.

Though I agree that Oppo and vivo phones are marketed very aggresively. What you're saying is also a reality In where I live; nearly every phone seller's billboard or banner show either Oppo or vivo.

Suprising to see that Oppo and Vivo articles have more comments than Motorola , Samsung or Sony phones.

Oppo and Vivo are doing very well with marketing it seems i for one can see their banners all over the city and retailers everywhere trying to push their phone.

One of my friend who is a mobile retailer once told me the Oppo and Vivo offer 30% commission on a phone whereas Samsung offer around 8%.

Thats the reason these trash phones sell and retailers push them.

Oppo and Vivo are trash when compared to Moto and Xiaomi when it comes to value for money selling phones with outdated specs for high prices with the only highlight being Selfies.

  • notch_hater

i hate this notch