Court lifts ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 shipments outside Germany

16 August, 2011
Samsung is now free to resume the tablet shipments in most of the EU.

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  • Anonymous

biki, 17 Aug 2011u r clueless lyk ur carefully wat is going on b4 makin... moreApple is at fault, they started it!

  • biki

clueless, 17 Aug 2011Now Apple needs to pay Samsung compensations over lost business u r clueless lyk ur carefully wat is going on b4 making statement(s) lyk this.this goes to most pple commeting here.Apple is not at fault here.ZE GERMAN court iz.

  • biki

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2011apple is supposed to pay samsung for lost business. did they sti... moreApple did not stop Samsung from selling their products.the court did and now they realised their mistake.Samsung can sue the court now and Apple later after they win this patent issue.

  • Gem86

mkm, 17 Aug 2011Steve's trying to monopolize the global market and he can't do t... moreSteve/Apple is monopolizing? LOL if anything he is monopolizing a NICHE because that is what the Iphone is. It (Apple iPhone/iPad product lines) is one great bubble that is already starting to burst. Iphone 5 may see some good sales but it will in the end be what it is supposed to be: a niche, upperclass product.

  • cooldude


  • Anonymous

Apple needs to stop acting like a bunch of children: at the moment they are being taken to the cleaners by the likes of Samsung and HTC etc. For instance:

Galaxy S II iPhone 4
1.2 GHz dual core 1 Ghz single core
4.3 " Screen 3.5 " Screen
8MP camera 5 MP camera

In other words, twice the number of processors, twice the amount of ram, a considerably better camera, almost and inch more screen space and, to top it off, an operating system that you can truly customise that does not through branding in your face every two minutes suggesting you buy yet another thing from the Apple.

What I want to know is: why exactly would you buy an iPhone when you can have something that is blatantly, evidently way better for the same price; where is the logic?

On another note, Apple seriously needs to stop bullying other companies that are taking their devices to pieces technically. I mean, the whole tablet concept was not even Apple's in the first place; they are trying to sue for intellectual property that IS NOT EVEN THEIRS.

  • fun9

the weel is spining around, apple is now had a headache. Maybe apple will turn into pineapple,has a crown but with no kingdom 2 rules over.

  • mb

with samsung total asset around USD 317billion..they can easily buy Apple (USD 75billion)if they want hahaha

  • Anonymous

No, only shifted to another branch could be possible. Someone who works for the state, like in court, cannot be fired in germany.

  • The S

Steve Jobs uses SGII, 17 Aug 2011This doesn't get much juicier.Apple is playing a losing game.Fal... more+1 brother..

  • TruthSeekr

German courts realized they read their papers wrong AFTER they made a worldwide announcement?

Wow, someone in germany must've lost their job big time!!

  • mb

hahaha...Apple is such a pain in the as*....Samsung FTW

  • Me / Bulgaria /

s very strange how the court missed thaat part in the beginning. I'm sure that all te judges are pretty well paid and it is pretty big case to make such a stupid mistake. Apple has all the rights to sue, the problem is whether the court will be fair enough. I support Samsung anyway.

  • lj

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2011Apple - they are behaving worse than microsoft .... hi, i'm from philippines! how abt u?

  • Steve Jobs uses SGII

This doesn't get much juicier.Apple is playing a losing game.Falsifying evidence by altering the tab's dimensions,and being a keen analyser of the phone rating tables,I have never seen the damn i phone 4 featuring among the top! My darling baby the Samsung wave is still getting stronger,fighting and downing beasts; and about bada 2.0..let's not even get into that for now...Back to my point now, it's sheer nonsense that is making apple to grab headlines these days,applying double standards to their judgement not withstanding.Was it not just recently when they stole the android notification idea and put it onto their OS and also ripping of apps developers' of their ideas and integrating them into iOS5? Steve some advice please, if your team has ran out of innovative ideas, just close shop and let samsung do business in peace. Don't be dumb!Do you think that if tech inside the Galaxy S was repackaged into a different shape it would make it less smart and great? I'd rather the case was Samsung hacking into Apple servers and stealing the iOS source code. But chirping, and chirping about a rectangular shape,screen unlock mechanism, icons and other endless pointless ideas will get you nowhere. And by the time you think it's cool to have an FM radio and a flash enabled browser, heck! and sms delivery reports on your next stupid i phone, Samsung will be building a quad-core processor, and needless to say,the Wave will still be topping the charts!

  • Anonymous

Apple - they are behaving worse than microsoft ....

  • Anonymous

clueless, 17 Aug 2011Now Apple needs to pay Samsung compensations over lost business hi, i'm from philippines! how abt u?

  • AnonD-1502

android is going to rule

  • Saqib

They are suppose to Pay if the ruling is against them which as of yet there has been no ruling. Its dated for 25 august

  • Samsung+Android rule

Dyl2thrill, 17 Aug 2011Honestly, I am glad this happened and I'm waiting for the same r... moreSpoken from my heart. Good one mate...