The Sony Xperia XZ2 Pro might still be coming

16 March 2018
A few new FCC documents and a recently unearthed User Agent Profile, hint that Sony's next 4K flagship is close.

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  • Carol

This devices look luke Nokia.

AnonD-744321, 17 Mar 2018WOW you make me feel stupid ;D thinks for this comment but... moreWow!!! OLEDs are not cheap and I don't know from where you got the information but it's wrong. Let me tell you something.
There are different kinds of OLEDS.

AMOLED are Active Matrice OLEDs.
Diamond Pentile Matrice in AMOLED are the ones Samsung uses and brands with it as AMOLEDs or SUPER AMOLED.
White RedGreenBlue are called WOLEDs or White-OLEDs with P-OLED which is Plastic substrate which makes the panel more flexier and thinner.

RGB are the the best one of them all which JOLED is making and going to mass produce it starting from next year. JOLED is responsible from TVs and monitors and JDI is responsible for smartphones and smart wears.

All of them are OLEDs. They aren't cheap either in quality or productivity. OLEDs have flaws and needs to be fixed. Those flaws are burn-ins and colour shifting. I think they're going to fix it when the costs come down and that's when microLED arrives. Becasue they're superior to OLEDS and LCDs.

BTW, Sony or their subsidiary JDI make one of the most beautiful LCDs which have 120Hz refresh rate with 4K phones. Go check Sony Xperia XZ Premium in the settings and into the developer mode.

AnonD-580901, 17 Mar 2018I wanted xz1 compact like phone. Xz2 compact is too big.. ... morethere is barely any difference in size between xz1c and xz2c: +6mm tall, +1mm width...

  • Anonymous

I'm in with SONY flagship beaSts

  • AnonD-744321

AnonD-744321, 17 Mar 2018WOW you make me feel stupid ;D thinks for this comment but... moresorry I forgot to edit the comment quickly (:>
first OLED CAN reach absolute black level but LGs OLED can't because WRGB matrix has W which increase the brightness by default it is on and LG OLED suffer from color shift
so you were right JOLED is suitable for flagship but it is just to cheap AMOLED on the other hand has better constant ratio (infinite actually) higher brightness and color quality but it is just a bit better than JOLED (which is still MUCH better than LGs OLED)
any way they won't use AMOLED because the pixals ar just to big for 4K display (because the TFT layer) so OLED or LCD or IGZO (I hope it is not LGs OLED as rumored)
I just thought that JOLED was as bad as LG OLED

  • AnonD-744321

KamAbdi, 17 Mar 2018First of all, your welcome :) Second of all, JOLED is for ... moreWOW you make me feel stupid ;D
thinks for this comment but I still think that JOLED screens aren't suitable for flagships because of the color sifting problem and the "ghosting" effect (because OLED screens turn pixels of to display deep black levels (sometimes OLED can't reach absolute black well AMOLED dose) they can't turn the pixel on and off quickly which leaves some kind of black shadow on the display) and JOLED is a cheap POLED the problem with it is that plastic isn't as good as glass and it isn't heat proof and it turns black wen exposed to UV light
ok OLED can be used for XZ2 PRO but it is cheap why not using it in other phones ?
any way I don't think they will use JOLED because it was rumord to be LGs OLED
in fact I don't think they will use any kind of OLED screens any way because they are good at making 4K LCDs
any how I would prefer OLED or an AMOLED or IGZO specialy IGZO because it has high ppi
and fast respond and great color quality
sorry I cant open those pages I am using opera mini D:

  • Anonymous

'tall' 18:9 aspect ratio = too NARROW

  • Anonymous

a 5.7-inch with that phony 'tall' 18:9 aspect ratio !? too diminutive for flagship status

AnonD-744321, 17 Mar 2018first : THANK YOU THANK YOU for the reply second : I am no... moreFirst of all, your welcome :)
Second of all, JOLED is for flagships and mostly it will be used for TVs and moniters and they have a perfect solution with the re-aranged sub pixels and will use only RGB not WRGB ( the W stands for White) AMOLED is Active Matrice Organic Light Emitting Diode Samsung uses it with Diamond Pentile Matrice which is compeletly different from the RGB AMOLED that JOLED uses and you can read more in their website
Read that section and the oixde TFT and the flexible sections.
JDI also have their OLEDs and bought 15% of JOLED's share.
Read their OLED technology.

Third of all, the POLED is Plastic substrate which is thinner than the normal OLED. But it is the same OLED it doesn't make much difference other than the fact lighter OLED panel. Also, there is a plastic substrate for LCDs that JDI did. It made the LCD to be edge from the sides like the galaxy S6.
So LG, uses WRGB model on their OLEDs.

It's Ok you will learn and btw I'm Somalian who lives in Saudi Arabia lol

AnonD-743635, 17 Mar 2018Under glass scanner (until now) is slow compared with norma... moreWell those are VIVO's not JDI's. When it was reported that JDI is doing with LCD, it also said it will be faster than Synaptics's underglass and Qualcomm's one. In addition to that, its different technology. So, Sony can perfect it.

  • AnonD-744321

KamAbdi, 17 Mar 2018Your right but I think they should their OLED RGB technolog... morefirst : THANK YOU THANK YOU for the reply
second : I am not sure about the JOLED it is just a slimer lighter and easier to manufacture P_OLED screen it should be used for low end devices not a flagship there is nothing special about it (dont forget about p part which means plastic) AMOLED on the other hand has mostly don't use plastic and doesn't suffer from color shift and has infinit contrast ratio and can take more heat then POLED
btw my English is TERRIBLE but I am using auto_correct ;)

  • AnonD-743635

KamAbdi, 17 Mar 2018Your right but I think they should their OLED RGB technolog... moreUnder glass scanner (until now) is slow compared with normal scanners, some people will not care, some people will hate it. Under glass cameras will have less light reaching them also. Under glass speakers are not private (other people in the room hear it). So if you want no compromises, it's bezel or notch (:/) for now, if looks are everything, shove all under the screen([+screen protector]).

AnonD-744321, 17 Mar 2018expected specifications :- 1) build / the new design exacl... moreYour right but I think they should their OLED RGB technology from JOLED instead because it is better than all of them and insert the fps under the glass from JDI then they have a huge advantage in the competition
BTW, your english is fine. I'm Arab too from Saudi Arabia

  • AnonD-744321

suresly ?
no one replying my HUGE opinion ?
my English can't be that bad (iam Arabic)

  • AnonD-580901

I wanted xz1 compact like phone. Xz2 compact is too big..
Xz1 compact should last me 3 years so will see what's available in the small compact phone market by then

Hayaan Mo Sila, 17 Mar 2018They are bundling their XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ1, and XZ1 Comp... moreCan you use it with XZ2 pro????? I don't think so, so 4k screen will be wasted completely

  • AnonD-744321

expected specifications :-
1) build / the new design exacly like XZ2 with IP68/IP65 (I don't know why IP65 )
2) software / oreo 8.1 with SONY.s unofficial skin
3) chipset / SD845 (obviously) with the best hardware available and improved the GPU cooling system and professional ISP image processor fo slow mo
4) screen / LCD or OLED (PLEASE be AM_OLED) 4K 18:9 display 60fps (terrible black fps due to the ghosting effect if it was an OLED) just don't take from LG PLEASE SONY PLEASE
5) camera / the same XZ2 maybe wider adapter or the dual camera we saw in MWC and the same terrible selfe (I hope they improve it or return the old one)
6) misc / the same as XZ2 maybe wireless charging
wanted specifications :-
1) please dont use the 'PREMIUM' dual glass sandwich it is just to heavy and breaks easily
2) the same software
3) the same hardware
4) IGZO or AMOLED screen (not LGs OLED) IGZO to keep up with the GPU and for watching your slow mo,s or AMOLED for better color display and battery life and allways on display
5) probably the same camera maybe wider adapter ( f 2.0 was there sense the Z1) or the dual camera we saw in MWC (maybe sony is leaving the best for last) 60fps on 4K like Samsung and an option to decrees the slow mo speed or monochrome video to save memory an of course (but most likely wont happen) better selfe
6) show us what you got !

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2018nope. the latest design looks thicker and uglier. it looks... moreby that you reveal yourself how lightly you like to judge
do some more research, the thickness is only in the centre axis, where the camera are, while the side still retain at 6mm(it only thick in paper, but real life feeling will give you something like how the old sony phone from the xperia S generation give)
saying the curvature is empty is huge understatement, it's where the camera module reside, and looking at how big the sensor is(referring how sony put a dedicated place for the sensor alone in the top bezel before), can explain much of the design decision, but don't take my word for it, just wait for Zack at jerryrig to do teardown, and you will see what i mean
for the headphone jack, it's unfortunate though

  • AnonD-725690

After seeing the xz2 and xz2 compact! I have low expectations for this new phone.

  • Anonymous

Hayaan Mo Sila, 17 Mar 2018They are bundling their XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ1, and XZ1 Comp... morenope.
they just want to empty their xperia stocks quickly, because they know the failure of their phones. people won't buy those phones without extra bonuses