LG's non-G7 to come with an LCD instead of an OLED display as a cost-cutting measure

17 March 2018
While the G-series has been firmly in LCD territory, the V30's OLED and the notch on the upcoming model suggested a switch in tech.

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  • R1

Since the screen of LG G6 is already really good so that improved and more efficient MLCD on the G7 should be a good enough for everyone 😎

  • Anonymous

Bonzo, 19 Mar 2018Never again will I buy from them, tediously slow in updates... moreAs if you have bought something from LG, ti is you loss and you will miss half of your lifetime..

  • Bonzo

Never again will I buy from them, tediously slow in updates!!! Boot loops!!!

  • AnonD-60521

after seeing these roumered renders, its very hard to believe that the company (LG) who is always innovative in mobile industry is now copying the designs #notch (of fruit phone).......

Prefer LCD over OLED anyway.

  • Anonymous

man... news about this phone is getting worse and worse.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2018The vast majority of buyers don't have a clue which screen ... more I tend to agree.

  • Anonymous

Stop whining about Oled screen when that thing
"Don't even EXPLOOOOODEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Anderson

well as long it's easy on the eyes (and wallet) I don't mind...

  • LOLO

OK LG. I'm not waiting for G7.

Levy, 18 Mar 2018You're wrong.Am I?
Ya know when a company outs a 1200$ phone, and issues a public official warning statement about possible burn in of its screen, and what you should NOT do with your screen to avoid its problems....its a complete turn off. Paying such money definitely shoildnt come with these kind of use "instructions".
And its a samsung oled.
So dont even start about Samsung oled being any better than LGs.
Samsung just doesnt issue official warnings. Leaves users to find it out for themselves in time.

  • znova

The g6 is nice but the display is shit make oled lg

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2018Just don't know why some insist on buying amoled/oled phone... moreThe vast majority of buyers don't have a clue which screen technology their phone uses, and just bought it because it was in their price range, and they have some vague notion that is supposed to be good.

  • Anonymous

Akinaro, 17 Mar 2018""but you also get unrealistic color reproduction, speciall... moreGS7 user here, *just* passed the 2 year mark, and can confirm visible degradation of my screen. The status bar is regularly black, and is now a stripe of (for example) noticeably truer white than the rest of the screen when viewing a white webpage; the rest of the screen has gone slightly yellow.

AnonD-468012, 18 Mar 2018Why you lying? You dare to comment. HahaWhy would I lie I used both lcd and oled I dont see why people prefer oled over lcd or vice versa

  • Anonymous

Not gonna blame them if they go for IPS. I have yet to see OLED displays that didn't suffer from some terrible fault. Terrible uniformity, burn in, colors too saturated, dead pixels. I'd rather have a panel that works than some shitty OLED

  • Omega

Come on lg removable battery.ee need this

  • Mrgoat

LG display is shit!
Image retention is often found with device that uses LG display

  • Anonymous

mm its so bad. disappointment

  • AnonD-468012

LG superfan, 17 Mar 2018I do not careWhy you lying? You dare to comment. Haha