MIUI 9.5 to hit over 30 Xiaomi smartphones

20 March 2018
The Global Stable ROM will begin its rollout in Late March, but some devices will get the new UI in Mid April.

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  • Anonymous

Suresh, 23 Mar 2018What a waste update again on Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Today. N... morewtf sd 650 but running marshmallow ? xD what a waste

  • AnonD-543767

I got rid of this miui crapware months ago, now my note 4 runs 8.1.0 clean ROM. Way much better. This ROM is approx. 700 MB, the miui is almost 1,3 GB. Half a giga bullsh.t...

  • @@@

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2018Really good support. Here with 1000$ note 8 - waiting for O... morethis is not android update

I have Mi Mix2 and I just received based on Oreo 8.0.0 and patch 01.02.2018.

  • Suresh

What a waste update again on Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Today. No Nougat.
It's still running on old Marshmallow. Hoping for dual apps and "NO service" issue fix.

  • Blizzard

Updated Redmi Note 3 Pro to MIUI 9.5. No new features, still based on Marshmallow 6.0.1.
Xiaomi thinks we are stupid to give us an update that doesn't bring any features.

  • AnonD-746428

Yesterday I got EMUI 9.5.1 but still Marshmallow 6.0.1. Where is Nougat?

  • AnonD-703693

Hold on... I'm running my Mi6 with MIUI 9.2 and Android 8.0.0. Will updating to MIUI 9.5 downgrade my Android back to 7.0 (as per this article)? Or am I missing something?

  • AnonD-746347

Really good support & effort by Xiaomi! Up until now Xiaomi Mi 3 still receiving OS upgrade from MIUI 5 Jelly Bean up to now MIUI 9 Marshmallow! No doubt the hardware is aging but they still provide update support until now. Really worth the price buying their phones unlike others company like Sony, Asus, etc when asked why no more upgrade from them, they simply tell you their phones hardware are not up to spec for further upgrade! That's it! Guys, Mi 3 is out 2014 until now, 2018 already & they still offer update for it! Sharp Z2 is even worst, not even a single update from them since new phone until now... WTF!

  • MadSci

Would this fix the fingerprint scanner speed?? because the last update i got for the MI6 slowed it down

  • THE WHO?

Who updated theirs already? when did you guys received the OTA?

  • Anonymous

Really good support. Here with 1000$ note 8 - waiting for Oreo (1 year old android ) ..

  • AnonD-391304

I'm on China Stable Oreo already. The biggest difference I see is excellent ram management now. A few differences but nothing earth shattering.

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2018can i use this in my iphone 6 ??Yes. There was a guy on Youtube he used an electric drill to install the ROM.
Give it a try, then post your results here.

  • Ivan

There is Max 2 in the fourth line.

  • norman

Yeah..... Xiaomi and their "STABLE" rom..

  • feifei

D8Sen, 21 Mar 2018I don't see Mi Max2. Why?read through again carefully...

  • Anonymous

can i use this in my iphone 6 ??

I don't see Mi Max2. Why?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-743514, 21 Mar 2018No Oreo for RN 5 pro ,what a racist and partial kind of upd... moreUsually China ROM will be launch earlier than Global ROM, as China ROM will iron out all the bugs prior to Global ROM, at the same time Global ROM need more works as it involved multiples language & need to add in Google Apps & Google Play, FB, Insta compatibility.

There is no element of racists here, Samsung will usually launch new updates in South Korea as well, i don't see this as racists.

Only Racist people seen other as racist,