AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S8 is now tasting Oreo

20 March 2018
The rollout is underway and thus the update is currently available on all the Big Four US carriers.

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  • Anonymous

Now you can't assign text tones to contacts. Not Happy. Hate my phone now and have been a Samsung phone owner for years. Once you have the ability to assign individual text tones you do not want to lose that option Thanks AT&T and Samsung for ruining my galaxy s8

  • Anonymous

I have att s8+. Still don't have the update yet

  • The Unknown

And what about the unloked versions 950U1 ??

  • AnonD-659932

I'm sure it tastes fine...

  • JoseMiguel45

I am using the Oreo version since Saturday 17, I have an S8 955U and I live in the Dominican Republic.