Google reportedly acquiring Lytro, the maker of light field cameras

21 March 2018
Lytro's tech will be a boon for Google's VR efforts, but what can they do for future Pixel phone cameras?

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  • AnonD-493814

-e, 21 Mar 2018google is buying anything . Someday they will buy you and b... moreThis is a tech site. Not a jaunt into the isolated island of Summerisle.

There will be no burning. Only good, analytical reviews and tech news. Back to your caves.

What could pixel do with lytro? Destroy 2018 flagships and maybe 2019 too

  • -e

google is buying anything . Someday they will buy you and burned you alive

  • Peachy001

Possibly Pixel 4? Quite close to Pixel 3, possibly too close?

I really wish they were releasing in July, knowing what their camera efforts, and the fact that they have some ex HTC bods, I am really eager to see if this time they can get the rest of the phone right. They seemed to get more wrong than right with the Pixel 2. My wish list:
improved camera;
stereo audio recording;
wireless charging;
decent screen;
headphones included.

  • AnonD-649958

Sounds like a solid investment due to the versatility of those cameras..... Better portrait, better VR and possibly better AR.

Lets see if they can bring out the full potential of this technology.

for better AR maybe?