No, this isn't the LG G7 in Lime Green

22 March 2018
A render allegedly found on an LG computer at MWC 2018 is doing the rounds, but it's merely a photoshopped LG G5.

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  • Niranjan

We need LG's amazing TV tech on their flagship smartphones display, without any compromises. We need a battery of minimum 4000mah. We need the hifi quad dac in all variants across all geographies. We need front facing camera the same as back, or at-least the same used as back sensor from two years ago. We need IR blaster, as it was forgotten after the v20. Most of all, you can provide a stock android version of the phone with frequent updates, priced 30% higher than normal one, people will definitely buy that.

  • Anonymous

3000mAh? no problem if it removeable battery & still IP68 hahaha...

  • AnonD-733058

peachy001, 22 Mar 20181 step forward, 2 steps back. The Chinese highends actually... moreNumber race huh? You chinese really like it . How bout some optimization ? Your 4000mah feel like 2000mAh .

  • AnonD-83364

The notch is absolutely dumb on any smartphone. Especially when you have to modify your apps in order to take advantage of a few pixels on either side of the notch. Plus things like VR and AR headsets won't work properly with the cutout from that notch, since the screen is split in two for left and right eyes.

  • Mr Pi R squared

3000mAh????? you are dead before you are even conceived.

  • Anonymous

3000 mah - rip lg g7

  • peachy001

Kd10, 22 Mar 2018Lg definitely needs to increase the battery capacity from w... more1 step forward, 2 steps back. The Chinese highends actually get capacity right. Traditional companies, Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC are miles off. Only the S8 Active is anywhere close. I'd love one, but US only.

  • Anonymous

I really dislike LG but this looks absolutely beautiful

  • AnonD-739791

Ironically, a real LG G5 is better than a rumored LG G7.

  • MKL

Nice copy design Huawei, no.. , Vivo, no.., Oppo, no..., LG or whatever company you are.

  • AnonD-66171

LG G5 ad copycat

  • AnonD-746520

Notch on top and the on buttom only for the company name. Great

Lg definitely needs to increase the battery capacity from what is rumored here.

  • Omega

Removable battery

  • Anonymous

Removable battery is the most important. Also I hope it will NOT have notch, nor curved screen edges and corners.

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2018Eye catching colour. Reminds me of an article I read yester... moreYellow. I've held tennis balls and it's glowy yellow. The camera affect makes it look greenish but it's definitely yellow

Besides that eyesore called notch, I kinda like that color. Vibrant and lively.

  • Anonymous

Eye catching colour. Reminds me of an article I read yesterday, same kinda thing.

Yellow or Green?

  • AnonD-696670

I hope there would be OLED version and at least 3300mah battery...

nice color