Apple Watch Series 4 to have 15% bigger screen, refreshed design, larger battery

28 March 2018
This iteration of Apple's wearable will likely launch alongside the new iPhones at an event in September.

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The new "more trendy form factor" likely means a round display

  • Anonymous

Markt, 28 Mar 2018Hope Google will improve their OS and companies will start to m... moreThere need to be advancements in smart watch SoCs to really move forward. The market is small, and the underlying hardware has stagnated.

The Notch Hater, 28 Mar 2018By New Design, Does it mean a "NOTCH"ur hatred too high that u bring up the notch on unnecessary situation

p/s : the notch will not getting famous if android not spread it ...

  • Anonymous

Nkn, 28 Mar 2018Whatever people say apple nailed it when it comes to smartwatche... moreApple are simply a popular brand, it doesn't matter what they do it just catches on. They released apple music and it competes well enough with spotify even though they themselves complain about a lack of exclusives and that all the services do the same music for around the same price (which just leaves apple music being less well supported across various devices so a worse choice). It succeeds on brand name alone.

Recently I've heard a lot of praise for airpods and they seem like one of Apples better products and earned it's place but the watch seems to be limited in functionality compared to other devices, again it's just popular brands selling on the name really. I'm not saying they're bad devices but lets be honest, it's largely designed to link up to an iphone so quite limited without it, you can get a more dedicated piece that doesn't have this lapse in functionality elsewhere for better prices. A lot of apple products function like that though, it's kind of a sap tax. A good example is when my internet was down for a week, my laptops and consoles all felt a lot more limited with some games not even playing unless you had an internet connection due to the always connected nature. Even if it's a rare occurrence the times you're without your phone (loses battery charge, it quits working, you forgot to grab it or any other reason) then the watch is limited and bares it's weakness. Can we say any real functionality reasons it beats the pants off of other watches too?

  • The Notch Hater

By New Design, Does it mean a "NOTCH"

  • Nkn

Whatever people say apple nailed it when it comes to smartwatches the only smart watch which stayed consistently in the market

  • Markt

Hope Google will improve their OS and companies will start to make nicer watches. Otherwise it looks like only Apple is making watches and fitbit making some activity trackers, and that's almost it in market.

  • Kangal

I will not buy. I want to, and I can... but for a watch it has to be stylish.

To start off, the Apple Watch is thick, too thick for men let alone women.
Also it is not symmetrical, it is not a square but a rectangle. That's lame.
Also the side has a digital crown with push-button which is great...then why stuff it up by placing another button next to it? Keep the crown and centre it.
Thirdly, the display's corners are easy to damage as they are curved like the Samsung S6 Edge. And the Sapphire Crystal is a cheap type, go with a proper Sapphire for protection especially for these vulnerable corners.
And lastly the Navigation/User Experience needs cleaning up a little. Since it's software, this is the easiest fix for them.

However, kudos to Apple for several things:
- Great software and hardware support for the Watch
- Decent adoption of the SDK by third-party developers
- Seemless integration within the Apple ecosystem

My favourite smartwatch models are the LG Urbane, Huawei Watch no.1, and the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. As you can tell, the full-circle watches are preferred since they have more choice of custom Watch Faces.