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28 March 2018
The Kirin 970 is now six months old, but is it still relevant?

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Guys it's a fact, Huawei's 2018 P-Series flagships will ship with a 2017 CPU. Kinda S835 Performance.

Only in October, Mate 20 will finally brought a S845 competitor.

But by then the 7NM S855/860's benchmark will came out of the blue, with probably mind blowing numbers.

So Huawei have two choice here,

1) Skip one generation of CPU directly up to the 990, so they catch up with Qualcomm and if they put that 990 on mate 20 in October, the phone will be the first of it's league.

2) 980 in October so the M Series of each October would still be late, and the P series of each March still be outdated.

Maybe the 970 still does the job, but a 900€ phone must came with current gen of CPUs.

    They should skip up directly to the 990, so they won't be late anymore, and even in advance against next generation Snapdragons.

    Seriously, no way I put 2000 bucks in a phone with an old gen CPU.

      Anonymous, 28 Mar 2018The best camera isn't going cut it with the those notch and... moreThe 970 is their most powerful offer. If you are to use Huawei. That's what you'll get.

        It doesn’t matter anyway, most of the consumers don’t even care about this benchmark tests or maybe they don’t even know what this whole benchmark thingy is. Most of the consumer are brainless and only care about camera, this tri-camera-set up will surely make them say “Woah”. They will immediately think that is has a good camera even without reviewing the device.

          Anonymous, 28 Mar 2018With a bloated U.I? I don't think so. Samsung will still la... moreHave you even used a Samsung Phone since the S6? It got cleared from quite a bunch of functions. And the ability to remove bloatware on your own. Dislike function X, and Y? No probs, Erase them. Just because they were Feature creeps 4 years ago doesn't mean they didn't get better.
          And no. I'm not a Samsung fangirl. I easily switch between brands of android.

            AnonD-730256, 28 Mar 2018No...just noThe M3 cores that power the X9810 is ALREADY on par on snapdragon 845, which will likely power the pixel 3. So yes. S9. Not to mention the S10 that will use M4/M5 cores. Will obliterate the Pixel 3 in raw preformance.

              Shootergod, 29 Mar 2018Yep their performance lag behind bcos they just used Mate 1... moreActually no. The Kirin 970 was a compatitor of the 835, they have the same level of preformance if you haven't noticed, so putting a 835 equiv VS a 845 surely look like they will "lag". Because it's different leagues. The upcoming 980 would match Snapdragon 845. If experience is to be relied on.

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                • 29 Mar 2018

                Not very famous mobile like MI

                  Yep their performance lag behind bcos they just used Mate 10 pro Kirin 970, with no upgraded RAM or anything. So yeah new flagships of Samsung will be better with higher performance SOC.

                    AnonD-748103, 29 Mar 2018I agree here. I am using my P10 and doesnt seem to slow dow... moreMy note8 is 6 months old and it hasn't slowed down one bit. Your comparison is invalid because the samsung phone you used "before" for all we know could have been years ago.

                      Galaxy Note 9, 28 Mar 2018Looks like Huawei might replace Samsung in the mobile phone... moreThat's pretty unlikely I think, Huawei although have improved and grown, will need to do a lot more to reach Samsung's sales and profit level, that's if even Samsung slow down, they still made money and sales even after the whole note 7 debacle.

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                        • 29 Mar 2018

                        AnonD-234961, 28 Mar 2018To be honest, a complete package with emphasis on great bat... moreI agree here. I am using my P10 and doesnt seem to slow down as promised by huawei. Ive been using Samsung devices before and it slowed after 6 mos

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                          • 29 Mar 2018

                          Xtrax, 28 Mar 2018Benchmarks... more and more useless with time...They are a way to measure perfomance. Is perfomance useless? if all the phones are fast enough for all people and all practical uses then yes , they will be irrelevant.
                          Or maybe you are trying to say that they don't reflect practical perfomance, what the user feels when using the phone, then what we need is other type of benchmark, one that tries to measure lags, freezes, slowdowns and application perfomance over time.

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                            • 28 Mar 2018

                            Benchmarks... more and more useless with time...

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                              • 28 Mar 2018

                              They introduce their flagship SoC with mate series. So this is expected. 970 is not weak, it is only comparatively weaker with 2k18 chips. The newer Kirin will be on par with the sd845 and four to five months later will be topped by another SD or Exynos. And the cycle is repeated.

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                                • 28 Mar 2018

                                After looking these scores i have to say...
                                Good enough for day to day tasks and something more...
                                Not good as current flagship's performance in the market...
                                Not good enough huawei...

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                                  • 28 Mar 2018

                                  Anonymous 420, 28 Mar 2018You guys don't even know the difference between system app... moreyou didn't know also what is pure stock android.

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                                    • 28 Mar 2018

                                    Far away behind xz2 and s9 but with interesting camera setup

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                                      • 28 Mar 2018

                                      Anonymous, 28 Mar 2018better yet , wait a little longer until samsung releases s1... moreNo...just no

                                        When will it be available globally? When can we expect the review