Olixar case renders show the LG G7, notch and all

28 March 2018
The case renders confirm the design we've seen from other leaks - notched screen with a thin bezel and a vertical dual camera.

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  • 07 Apr 2018

FeederEater, 29 Mar 2018I am sorry, i am not defending notch. As i said in my comme... moreThe notch is not the future. The notch is not just a lazy solution, it's also a very ugly one. There are other better solutions out there. Under display cameras and retractable selfie cams are better solutions than a notch. Having a a little bezel is much better than a notch. A little bezel can accomodate a better speaker or all the other cameras/ sensors.

    LG should focus more on Premium mid-ranger instead of releasing crappy low end device.
    They should release more Q8 Like phones but of course better camera and performance.

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      • peachy001
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      • 29 Mar 2018

      Another shabby batter size.

        Sense sible, 29 Mar 2018Notch defender are funny... There is HTC, solid camera a... moreI am sorry, i am not defending notch. As i said in my comment "its future, whether WE liked it or not". I dont like notch, but my opinion will not make them go back to normal displays. After a lot of thinking, i realised that notch is one of the few ways and it is the most practical with todays OLED displays. I own LG V30+ and would never buy a phone with notch. But i have been researching and learning about phones (particularly LG) for about 7 years now and i like all phones, so one small thing like notch is not going to repudiate me from LG. As a big LG fan i am disappointed more than you. Dont get me wrong....

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          • 29 Mar 2018

          FeederEater, 28 Mar 2018Wait a sec. I see that most of you here are really smart pe... moreWell, yes.. I don't like notch, I don't buy one with notch.. I like to have headphone jack, I buy one with headphone jack.. As simple as that.. I am a consumer, so I buy what I want.. Why should I follow what the company is good for me?

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            • Luke5119
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            • 29 Mar 2018

            From the looks of things, they're doing away with the rear power/fingerprint sensor button combo. I'm counting 4 tactile buttons on the sides, power on the right and the volume rocker and possibly a quick button for the camera on the left.

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              • 29 Mar 2018

              given the release of huawei p20. i hope that they could stop using 5mp front camera and a lot has to be done to improve the rear camera from v30.

                FeederEater, 28 Mar 2018Wait a sec. I see that most of you here are really smart pe... moreNotch defender are funny...

                There is HTC, solid camera and audio performance.
                Pixel, Motorola, Nokia, and even Blackberry are there beside Samsung

                Or I can opt for beautiful V30.

                Your future doubt argument is laaame

                  Wait a sec. I see that most of you here are really smart people. So, geniuses, i see that you all know a better way to make display bigger and bezels smaller. Could you tell me any? Except that Vivo Apex thing which is not practical at all. And those of you that give up from a manufacturer just because they did what they needed to do, you dont even deserve to choose phones. I read tons of comments from when LG removed removable battery, IR blaster, and now notch, and everyone said the same thing like "goodbye LG, i loved your phones". People kept bashing on LG for battery and IR, yet still kept buying their phones. As for notch (its future, whether we liked it or not, at least for a few years until they make strong and resistant phones with some sort of transparent area of display where camera is), what are you gonna do? Buy some other phone? So you all gonna buy Samsung as they are the only ones without notch? Doubt.

                    Oppaii, 28 Mar 2018Cancel it again!Lol hahaha

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                      • 28 Mar 2018

                      Anonymous, 28 Mar 2018what are you talking about? This is standard LG. No button... moreIf you look close you will see that there is a button on the right. It is possible that they have moved the power button there instead of the button(with the fingerprint scanner) on the back. There 3 more buttons on the left, 2 of them are for the volume and the third one might be for thinQ. I like the V30 configuration with 3 buttons. One on the back and two on the left.

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                        • jesus
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                        • 28 Mar 2018

                        everything looks like a Samsung, an iphone or a Samsung slammed into an iphone.

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                          • 28 Mar 2018

                          Akkediae, 28 Mar 2018I see, LG working hard on becoming increasingly irrelevant.... more*poof* notch dissappears
                          *poof* battery gets bigger
                          *poof* cams greatly improve
                          *poof* android is near stock & 8.1
                          *poof* loud & clear stereo speakers
                          *poof* flash goes between the cams
                          *poof* triple tray card slot is available
                          *poof* consumers get to choose display type / battery size / bundled accessories / leaflets
                          eco boxes etc


                          Oh, no..

                          LG's not there yet..

                          *cough" in the hard work pays off era.

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                            • 28 Mar 2018

                            Looks like nothing to me

                              Looks alot like Oneplus 6 lol

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                                • 28 Mar 2018

                                AnonD-683767, 28 Mar 2018OMG, Damn!!! Why u .. aahh, goodbye LG I'm a loyal LG us... moreWait for the v40 then

                                  I see, LG working hard on becoming increasingly irrelevant. A bold move.

                                    Anonymous, 28 Mar 2018Who has notch-phobia? I am serious considering starting a new 12 step anonymous program: Notch Phobia Anonymous.

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                                      • 28 Mar 2018

                                      Who has notch-phobia?

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                                        • 28 Mar 2018

                                        Anonymous, 28 Mar 2018 Smaller screen/body = smaller battery. What are the delta... moreNot necessary. Adding 2mm thikness can increase battery capacity and probably more so vs larger foot print.