Samsung unveils Notebook 5 and 3 series: trio of light, practical laptops

01 April 2018
The 5 is more premium with a metal body, but they all have comfy keyboards, wide trackpads and calibrated screens.

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  • 05 Apr 2018

I don't know what you people are talking about the best Intel chips still beat the best AMD ones by a wide margin in most or all benchmarks, if you want to buy an affordable mid-range laptop or a high-end one because you're on a tight budget or want the most bang for your buck then I guess AMD is fine.

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    • 04 Apr 2018

    720p in 2k18

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      • Linas
      • QPU
      • 03 Apr 2018

      It seems Samsung lost it's timeless ultrabooks design. Got np900x3e probably 5 years back and it is still cracking ultrabook, these new ones are just outright ugly (including series 7 and 9), sort of reminds me older HP chromebooks.

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        • 03 Apr 2018

        The naming doesn't make any sense. Notebook 5 with 15.6" is okay, but Notebook 3 with 15.6"? WTF? It should be 13.3" and 14".

          BlackAle, 02 Apr 2018Light? I don't consider 1.68kg light.As far as full keyboard, 14-15" laptops are concerned, everything under 2Kg is still considered light compared to the average 2.0-2.5kg. Ultrabooks today may float between 1.0 and 1.5 kg but usually that's achieved by compromising screen size to 12-13" and using lower power CPUs,.. or in many cases using the low power profile of a higher end CPU, wich convinces people they bought the real thing but never performs like that most of the time.

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            • 02 Apr 2018

            AnonD-625495, 01 Apr 2018LOL cluncky USB-A, are you kidding ahahahhaYea its not clunky, its just a bad design when compared to usb-c, Everything should be USB-C now, no idea why all the hardware companies haven't switched yet.

              Is this using proprietor charge ports!?!! Cant see any USB C.

                Light? I don't consider 1.68kg light.

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                  • 02 Apr 2018

                  M and M, 01 Apr 2018Heh.. I have a few ideas on that; First MS killed their own... moreIntel threatened by competition and does everything to keep Wintel as it is right? They don't realize that they're killing the market by that huh? It's true that people regard PCs with AMD processors as "inferior", which has been cleverly converted to seeing Intel processors as "superior".

                    AnonD-558092, 01 Apr 2018Well said. Especially in a context where the market is aimi... moreHeh.. I have a few ideas on that; First MS killed their own windows RT, ARM-based desktop version,.. then they let their own phone business die just when it was maturing.... then there's people,.. who are OK with ARM chips powering their beasty 4K phones but feel somehow sexually impaired if their 720p office laptops don't have a core i-something sticker,... even if they just go on facebook and type documents :D

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                      • 01 Apr 2018

                      M and M, 01 Apr 2018Yepp, as notebooks get lighter and integrated GPUs more cap... moreWell said. Especially in a context where the market is aiming at fanless, thin and powerful laptops. Which made me remember about Qualcomm. Where did their WinARM laptops go?

                        AnonD-558092, 01 Apr 2018Meh. My laptop has 97Wh. And honestly, with dual-channel D... moreYepp, as notebooks get lighter and integrated GPUs more capable (especially AMD's vega class), entry level discrete GPUs shouldnt be used at all. Not only do these GPUs drain the battery with almost zero advantages, most importantly they impact CPU performance too: apart form CPU power envelopes (typically 12-15W), there's also a total, system envelope which laptops monitor too (often 20-30W max.) and on CPU intensive tasks, a stupid discrete GPU, even idling will use like 2 watts at least, which might not sound a lot, but will make quite a difference if you think the CPU could use them to clock a bit higher.
                        This is why most modern dual GPU, entry-midrange laptops today will perform better in CPU tasks if you disable the discrete GPU; the CPU and its graphics will have all the power for themselves and of course, the battery life will improve too. Sounds counterintuitive but I've tested it a lot and especially devices with smaller batteries like these have quite aggressive system envelopes to make the battery last longer, so I don't know what they're still doing with that extra GPU, except marketing of course...

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                          • 01 Apr 2018

                          PiCosm, 01 Apr 2018Still using clunky USB-A ports. It is no wonder USB-C is de... moreLOL cluncky USB-A, are you kidding ahahahha

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                            • 01 Apr 2018

                            PiCosm, 01 Apr 2018Still using clunky USB-A ports. It is no wonder USB-C is de... moreUSB-C is a flawed design. It is very flimsy, I have seen Samsung OEM cables and Amazon cables failing mechanically, becoming very loose. You can't really use such a design for frequent access like USB sticks.

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                              • 01 Apr 2018

                              Anonymous, 01 Apr 2018Small battery? I'd say decent because even most gaming lapt... moreMeh. My laptop has 97Wh.
                              And honestly, with dual-channel DDR4 RAM, Intel Integrated HD Graphics 6xx (Same as UHD Graphics 6xx) are about at the same performance level as a GTX 940MX, but with much lower power consumption and thermal power required. I did run benchmarks.

                              And I make sure that my laptop runs on integrated graphics most of the time to extend my battery life. Even with Max-Q, dGPUs severely impacts battery life. Not to mention a decent dGPU will require a fan, which again will severely impact battery life.

                              I'm all about dedicated graphics and I know how they can be a huge advantage in a computer. But there is a limit to what can be an advandage and what is redundant. I'd say you should buy a device with minimally a GT1030 (that's really an absolute minimum), as I still see some 750Ti cards, and the 1030 is perfect to replace them.

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                                • 01 Apr 2018

                                PiCosm, 01 Apr 2018Still using clunky USB-A ports. It is no wonder USB-C is de... moremacbook pro is using USB-C

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                                  • 01 Apr 2018

                                  Still no reason to replace my Notebook 9 Pro from 2015, with that gorgeous 4k Screen. Waiting for a laptop with more cores, will be a while. :)

                                  Nice to see Samsung Laptops going global again though, not just USA.

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                                    • 01 Apr 2018

                                    Anonymous, 01 Apr 2018Why no amd cpu?? Still nobody using amd products.Intel ridiculously discounts OEM sales and even pays extra cash for marketing purposes to the companies. All AMD creates is a superior product for money, OEMs don't care about selling better performance for money, they care about just selling; and since they release just Intel products, there can be no oranges to oranges price performance comparisons.

                                    It is a win win for the manufacturer OEM here. Loss for the consumer. Yet consumers continue to buy shady processors that do less for more because of the name of Intel. Even if AMD has changed that for a lot of people within the past year or so, that lot of people is still, and unfortunately, very very small in comparison to how many uneducated and out of touch with technology people buy computers.

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                                      • 01 Apr 2018

                                      Anonymous, 01 Apr 2018Why no amd cpu?? Still nobody using amd products.A lot of people use macbooks pro with amd dgpu