LG Display made the OLED screen of the Huawei Mate RS

03 April 2018
ETNews suggests that the company may have helped in getting the under display fingerprint reader working too.

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  • but G7 not OLED!

So why the G7 wouldn't have LG's OLED?!
After the V30 that has OLED?!

  • Dude

Their p-oled tech is horrible, just like it was with the g flex. The verge and ars technica reported on this in the V30 review. Graininess galore and just sooo bad

Hope its not bad like Pixel 2XL. LG has great oled TV how did they screwed up Pixel and V30

Be ready for ghost screen on 1000$ device after 1 year...and i dont talk about battery performance

  • peachy001

Zoser, 03 Apr 2018And then they are not using them in their next G7 ... RGBW ... moreThey are likely to be extremely costly screens, not be cutting a device under £800. I would expect that the cost of that panel to be nearly double the cost of the one in the Pixel.

  • uh-oh

better start hiring your new QA term, Huawei - you're gonna need it!

And then they are not using them in their next G7 ... RGBW with fingerprint sensor on the back. Something smells bad.

Not necessarily help LG beat Samsung in terms of OLED productivity, rather just helping the world to adopt the newer and better technology for more smartphones and in a shorter period of time.
Because if we only have Samsung as our smartphone OLED screen manufacturer, then we can't have OLED screens even on budget phones by 2030.