Symbian Belle-running Nokia 600, 700 and 701 announced

24 August, 2011
Nokia has announced three Symbian Belle running smartphones with NFC capabilities - Nokia 600, 700 and 701.

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  • AnonD-4697

Looks like Nokia is on road again, maybe the will realize killing Symbian for basic/medium range phones is not such a good idea.

However now that Nokia has more money (with the investment of Microsoft) they start to make new phones, and iinvest in more advertisings and keep updated the newer phones.

Good, it is time to rise for Nokia...Slowly but steady..

  • David

Nokia 5800 & Nokia C7 Reborn !

  • AnonD-4697

AnonD-18997, 24 Aug 2011does Symbian belle available for nokia c7Maybe but I't look this OS will need more spec...1 GHz and more RAM on the phone, N8/E7/C7 and others son't meet basic maybe not.

Time for change!

  • RejZoR

Fixed-focus, fixed-focus and again fixed-focus. I wouldn't touch this crap even if it has a 5GHz CPU.
Why the hell they keep on insisting on these damn fixed-focus cameras!? They are absolutelly useless for anything below 50cm distance, meaning you won't be able to snap QR or EAN codes, you won't be able to snap schedules or product specifications and/or prices. You have to type them down in a note program which is just a lame option. I was considering Nokia C7 last year and didn't buy it just because of this fixed focus nonsense. And they apparently continue this nonsense. I guess some NEVER learn...
Seriously, what's the point!?

  • AnonD-5449

[deleted post]The MHz is not that important. You should study more about processors.

The architecture is the most important thing, and it comes before the frequency.

What also counts, is the light OS. Symbian has now been revamped and it seems to be better than ever.

Don't speak if you don't know anything.

  • burhan

it is going to be bigggest hit for nokia im waiting somuch for this phones welldone nokia

  • Tanvir Tuhin

Waiting 4 the blast.. Double hattrick 4 nokia, 500,600,700,701..
Wow!! Awesome...

  • AnonD-18997

does Symbian belle available for nokia c7

  • Diego

Well At least these phones cover a poce range that was forgotten by nokia, maybe these ones will clash against galaxy 5 and ace, but they have fixed focus and plastic body?? now im pretty disapointed =/ i think in getting off nokia on my next phone they need a upgraded N8 for the flagship really fast, n9 isnt what im expecting, i want a symbian flagship!!

  • haha

oh for the love of god why fixed focus hahaha nokia has lost its nuts..

  • hmm??

i doubt if anyone would ever spend a penny over such "things" ..

  • AnonD-653

thisismynext says the 701 comes with an IPS screen which also has ClearBlack technology.

  • Matt

Non, 24 Aug 2011What's with the fixed focused camera??? We all know that Auto fo... moreBecause it's cheap

  • Matt

Enough with that Symbian already... put Harmattan on it and these phones would sell like hot buns

  • Non

What's with the fixed focused camera??? We all know that Auto focus cameras are so much better than fixed focused, Why does nokia use this tech??

  • Anonymous

i can ignore the Fixed-focus cam. These phones are definitely thousand times better than old Symbian version.

  • Devilrose

Nice these phone models looks great.

  • AnonD-11559

Availability of Symbian Belle on newly shipping versions of the Nokia N8, Nokia E6, Nokia E7, Nokia X7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia Oro as well as by download will be announced closer to availability.

  • Catherine US

I like them all.

  • Anonymous

Gr8 Nokia...