LG expects record-breaking Q1 2018 revenue and operating profit

06 April 2018
Sales are expected to jump 3.2% while operating profit should rise 20.2%.

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  • Anonymous

Similarly Sony TV, Appliances and Playstation are keeping them in Black. Their mobile division is also a flop.

Sergiu, 06 Apr 2018My experience Yes your experience

AnonD-234961, 06 Apr 2018Wait...why is the 5.2" screen and non-removable 3000mAh Q8 brill... moreThe Q8 is a downscaled version of the V20, which in itself is light years ahead of the G2.

How many shots of alcohol did LG employees drink last night?
Just wondering--good luck to the mobile division in competing with other companies.

  • Jimbob

I predict the opposite will happen

  • Praveen

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2018LG made 2 brilliant phones last year imo one was the V30 and the... moreI totally agree with you. LG should read stories about Colonel Sanders to get a break through. They have great products but promotion is nowhere seen. Just look at Huawei & Samsung's strategy of promoting.

  • Praveen

KaneJ, 06 Apr 2018LG are following in the same footsteps as HTC. Should they co... moreLiked your comment. LG's marketing strategy is worst by far and they really need to focus on branding, design a last battery other than that they are good at what they do.

  • Praveen

AnonD-293653, 06 Apr 2018just keep saying it, keep saying it out loud...maybe you'll conv... moreThere is name in every language for people like you. You made an awful comment without even knowing what they are. I hope you see my reply to KaneJ. Wake up and see the brighter side of LG.

  • Praveen

AnonD-293653, 06 Apr 2018just keep saying it, keep saying it out loud...maybe you'll conv... moreMy reply to KaneJ applies to you by all means. Be matured enough to comment.

  • Praveen

KaneJ, 06 Apr 2018Lol, keep dreaming LG... That said, I hardly ever seen anyone... moreWe have haters for no reason everywhere and you probably lead the herd by making an awful comment. Which phone from LG did you use to say the least? I'm sure you never owned one from them. BTW, LG may not have enough products in their phone portfolio but they have certainly won hearts with their G1,G2,G3 & G6 and they make really good phones. You should look at their keynote on G5 it was damn impressive but the phone looked ugly and they paid the price for it but remember they came up with a modular concept before any other brand. Their V series is also a huge hit except for V30 that had a 5mp selfie shooter that struck people shock.
Samsung is the first brand that orders flagship processors from Snapdragon so no other brand gets to use it for the first 1-2 months where every other manufacturer will fall behind in producing their flagships. Samsung may be the market leader with their smart phone portfolio but their UI is snappy with a lot of boaltware.

  • opt

I don't hate lg because despite their struggle they still made an excellent phone, I do believe LG mobile division will rise and will be on top , hopefully they will make the first and last device with notch.

With a notch phone that lacks something unique and ground breaking yeah dream on LG

Unsurprising. While lg smartphones are lackluster, their tv displays are king.

  • AnonD-141584

LG make PC monitors, but again, they don't make a monitor which has both touch screen and handles a stylus. Similar to a Surface Studio.

  • AnonD-141584

A friend bought the LG G5 when it came out, I was impressed at how brilliant the camera was (it was better then 'expert' consumer camera). It has laser auto-focus!. LG have a done a good job. Samsung are no longer interested in the mid-range phones, but LG have n't a good job at targeting the mid-range market.

The LG5 had a re-moveable battery, so great for those who keep their phones.

LG have innovated, for instance bringing out stylus phone (it was a challenge to the Note 6/7, but they put a very low spec camera and CPU).

Another LG phone came with DAB radio. They just need to hit their target. Bring out the right phone with the right spec. There is no need to bring a Snapdragon 845, as it is too experience, but it has to have the right balance.

The LG Q8, has an impressive camera. But those manufacturers making the most noise are winning over.

  • Anonymous

Most people these days don't read past the article title, pitiful.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2018LG made 2 brilliant phones last year imo one was the V30 and the... moreBrilliant? Parts the same as galaxy s9? New SoC & new camera. knock code was but long time ago

  • AnonD-234961

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2018LG made 2 brilliant phones last year imo one was the V30 and the... moreWait...why is the 5.2" screen and non-removable 3000mAh Q8 brilliant when their own G2 from 5 years ago was a full 11mm shorter while having the same display size and battery capacity ?

  • Anonymous

LG made 2 brilliant phones last year imo one was the V30 and the other was the Q8. But sadly neither of these phones were marketed right. Look at the Galaxy S9 im sick of seeing ads on the TV for it, Something you would never see with an LG phone. They dont seem to put effort into promoting and their country but country releases are pathetic. The Q8 ok not a flagship phone but a very good midrange imo only came out in italy across the whole of Europe ????
Their hansets are up there with the rest but they really do need to start shouting about them.

  • Sergiu

My experience with LG is that their phones are unsupported, poorly built and unreliable.
The TVs however are very nice and WebOS is fantastic.