Honor 10 pricing and availability details leak

18 April 2018
The high-end smartphone will become official at an event in China tomorrow.

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  • Sm7
  • 05 May 2018

Mr.Mustache, 20 Apr 2018An awesome phone for an awesome price. lol amercians can ju... morelol huawei is banned in hte usa

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    • Mr.Mustache
    • n@{
    • 20 Apr 2018

    An awesome phone for an awesome price. lol amercians can just read this topic and cry :D

      "The new top of the line honor smartphone"?Don`t get it,Honor View10 is slightly bigger with bigger battery and better looking with exactly the same hardware and it`s 50-60$ cheaper,in China..

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        • 4em
        • 18 Apr 2018

        Any work on the Honor Note 9???????

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          • AnonD-733422
          • S75
          • 18 Apr 2018

          Hope that will also cost 350€ in Europe.Huawei have politics that same smartphone in China cost 350 and in Europe 450€. Maybe I have more money than people in China,but I am not idiot to pay 100 bucks more cause I have it.

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            • XNU
            • 18 Apr 2018

            The view 10 lacks the notch so it is a better alternative even though it is older.

              It was expected to be pricier than Honor 9 I dont see any reason to choose this over View 10

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                • pHu
                • 18 Apr 2018

                Interesting watch that all the flagship killers have ceased to be, as were the One Plus and Honor initials. Now they are expensive refried of filling for the one who bite the hook and buy one.