ZTE Nubia Z18 mini first sale is done, next one is on April 25

19 April 2018
The Nubia Z18 mini starts at CNY 1,799 or €230. First sale is gone, next one is on April 25.

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  • AnonD-737474
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  • 23 Apr 2018

I need FM radio, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and USB Type-C (output video to external HDMI monitor). I also want Bluetooth 5 which eliminates practically every SoC except snapdragon 835, 845, 660, and 636. For some reason every kirin and helio SoC phone out there, regardless of whether it is the top of the line or mid-range, only has BT 4.2.

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    • OmNomWorksCelluar
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    • 22 Apr 2018

    AnonD-369553, 19 Apr 2018Mini....MINI where in the hell this is a mini phoneLol it's UNDER 6inches!!! For a ZTE phone that's a mini. Every one knows them for those obnoxious 6inch+ displays

      AnonD-676655, 20 Apr 2018finally a phone without a notch.1. No notch
      2. 3.5mm jack
      3. Micro SD
      4. FM radio
      5. Android 8.1

      That's my check list ... I'm not too concern about the camera, average is OK, because I use a Nikon DSLR for my photos.

      My first Android phone was a ZTE, maybe I will give them another try. 😁

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        • 20 Apr 2018

        finally a phone without a notch.

          Amazing all that you get for your money with this phone. If there is not any phone more interesting when available where i live or the version for this zone, I'll probably buy one.

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            • 19 Apr 2018


            where in the hell this is a mini phone

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              • 19 Apr 2018

              The interesting part - Nubia it's an "independent" manufacturer, ZTE owns 49.9%. So, is not considered a ZTE subsidiary.

                Ramkumar, 19 Apr 2018US bans Qualcomm chipset for ZTE. Will see how long they w... moreI believe ban applies only to future deals, not current ones. And probably doesn't apply to Nubia at all since it separated completely from ZTE.

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                  • Ramkumar
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                  • 19 Apr 2018

                  US bans Qualcomm chipset for ZTE. Will see how long they will sell and also launch in other markets