18:9 Panasonic Eluga I7 launched in India with beefy battery and modest price tag

20 April 2018
The phone costs just INR 6,499 and will start selling on April 24.

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  • Force Majeure

MediaTek?! More like MediaWreck.

  • Anonymous

sadh, 20 Apr 2018Whats the point of having 18:9 if it is just making the pho... moreMakes the display look bigger on paper.

  • joy

Panasonic should fire their mobile division head in India may be his house too, so he can vacate this country along with his no longer use crap mobiles piling up here.

  • Anonymous

ProJames, 20 Apr 2018Big battery because that old processor's gonna depelt it un... moreI had a really good laugh over your post. Thank you for that.

  • Anna

In April 2018 Panasonic is launching new handset with Android 7.0 (Nougat)! Is it free? No. Why should I pay for this? OS will never be upgraded, forget security updates. Chinese brands are available at cheaper price for same specification (with no OS/ security updates). Instead of selling this crap, they should give it FREE. Wake up Panasonic!

  • Foo

Xiaomi is laughing its ass off right now

Whats the point of having 18:9 if it is just making the phone damn tall

Big battery because that old processor's gonna depelt it under a minute just to boot.

  • Anonymous

MediaTek again? No thanks. My Moto G4 Play already has 2GB ram and 16GB storage plus Snapdragon cpu.

  • Gns

Quadcore 1.3Ghz? Are we back to 2011? Thats quite embarrassing to be honest, could at least put some 8 core Mediatek....my 150$ Meizu M1 Note had an 8 core 2.0ghz back in 2015, there is no excuse for a quadcore 1.3ghz even for such a low price

  • Anonymous

I did not even read the article, but I bet it has Mediatek 6737.
Lets see it ...

Running out of things to call the 18:9 aspect display. Laughable.

1,3 GHz - nowadays there is no point in buying phone with such CPU. Better have a simple phone than such non-functional smartphone because it won't do anything much than doing calls and sending sms, along with some super slow browsing.

Mediatek 6737 is like a snapdragon 210. DOA even for €80

  • Anywhere else

Any news about any other place than India?

  • Karthik

Mediatek = Epic Fail + No buy