Weekly poll: Moto G6 and Moto E5 trios seek your attention

22 April 2018
Motorola launched 6 new models this week, including a couple with chunky batteries. Do you have a favorite?

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  • AnonD-80459

I'd rather pay more to have stock Android with a fluid experience + the Moto experience suite wich makes life easier. I don't care about all of you bitching around to save every cent on dodgy companies like Xiaomi, Oppo etc. Motorola is the pioneer of the mobile industry, they have the best signal antenas, very powerfully built phones, good speakers, decent cameras, really good battery life and overally a really smooth experience. Why would I sacrifice all that just to save maybe 20 - 30 bucks. I own a repair service and I get to try every phone that comes to repair, the user experience on those is not even near a Motorola.
Nokia is nice but I like my double twist the wrist to launch the camera and the chop chop for the flashlight. Also, the Nokia 7 Plus is more expensive, that's the Z3 Play competitor, not the G6 Plus.

These are phones to be used by just working class, instead of show off + working class.
So, it is out of favor.
If the question was, "Which one perform better for you, regarding your daily need and budget?" the answer would be as follow:

Snapdragon 425 or better to say Adreno series 3 are weaker than the basic Adreno 505 by delivering the 4 fps render for not so detailed 3D games.
Already tested on Moto E4 Plus (with 720 X1280)
(Maybe benchmarks show something different, but daily usage in real life is this.)

Downgraded SoC in term of LTE category in Need for Speed era.
A GPU which is unable to handle HD smoothly, is sitted for HD+.
Lower pixel density compare to previous generation.
No change in RAM and Interal.

Camera has huge improvement toward E4.
Battery is excellent.

E5 and E5 Plus are multimedia specific phone which worth 180$.

G6 used inappropriate SoC for FHD+ display, same as US version of G6 Play.
G6 Play in 32/3GB and SD430 combination is acceptable for 250$.
G6 Plus is both good and bad. For fans this is a good phone with the price tag, but
for general purpose, there are others which offer almost same price for better specifications; such as:

- Motorola - Moto G6 Plus = SD630 - 5.9" - 12+5/8MP - 4/64GB - 3200mAh
- Oppo - F7 = HP60 - 6.23" - 16/25MP - 6/128GB - 3400mAh
- Xiaomi - Redmi Note 5 Pro = SD636 - 5.99" - 12/20MP - 6/64GB - 4000mAh
- Nokia - 7 Plus = SD660 - 6" - 12/16MP - 4/64GB - 3800mAh
- Asus - Zenfone Max Pro M1 = SD636 - 5.99" - 13/8MP - 4/64GB - 5000mAh

  • Yee

Not sure why Motorola would only allow the Moto E5 Plus to not come to the US.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-519818, 23 Apr 2018People will buy this for the Moto brand or the Vanilla Andr... moreThe main problem is usually Xiaomi's devices are hard to get. Even they are not always present officially in all Asian markets, Xiaomi's main market.

  • Anonymous

I will buy the g6 for my secondary phone.

These are all fine but I'm waiting for Moto Z3 Force. The Force series is phenomenal. They kinda screwed up Z2 Force with that disappointing camera & battery, but I'm hopeful they'll fix those issues in Z3 Force. :D

  • Anonymous

By fart he G6 if I had to reccomend one to a friend. I would choose the X4 over the G6 Plus anyday. And it´s probably a lot cheaper.

moto should have invested on moto mods this time.

g6 plus sucess will depend on it´s price.

  • AnonD-519818

People will buy this for the Moto brand or the Vanilla Android feel but then even if these phone has Vanilla OS it still lacks the hardware. Software can be upgraded over time but hardware would always be the same. Let's say you want to buy the G6+ for 300EUR with SD630 it is definitely at a middle of the midrange smartphone. Now add 30EUR and you can buy a Mi6 6/64GB with SD835 (Flagship) or just buy Mi Note 3 6/64GB with SD660 (Upper midrange) for 20EUR less. I don't see moto phones excell in their respective target market when there's a much better competition. The only way for these phones to succeed was to exist in a place where it's the only choice.

This is the trap, do not fall into it. These phones look pretty good when they launch but It makes users frustrated when they use older Android and when they don't get proper updates. Lenovo is the worst company in giving software update. The updates are dead slow.

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2018The Nokia 7 Plus costs about €320 in my country. Why wood I... moreIf you are getting Moto G6 Plus for €300 and Nokia 7 Plus for €320 then buying Nokia 7 plus is an obvious choice.

Vic4BBM, 23 Apr 2018All of them are good gadgets to buy. Vanilla Android makes ... moreOh, It's True! It's Damn True!
Moto phones don't get updates and a phone needs a better software to use a better hardware and moto stock android is good but their updates are dead slow. For instance, Moto g5 plus got 3 security update in 1 year. I would never buy a phone that doesn't provide a proper update. I'm using Moto G5 plus and it will be my last Lenovo device.

All of them are good gadgets to buy. Vanilla Android makes is work good.But only concern is - updates.
How many of these will be updated to next Android iterations?
I read somewhere that only G family will be getting Android P updates and no idea about next Android.
While E family will not even get Android P.

In such a scenario who would want to spend money on these. People would rather spend on Nokia, which has most of it's line confirmed Android One program ( means timely updates for next 2 iterations)

  • Anonymous

Waiting for 5.0 inch phone. My Moto G4 Play is waiting.

brandstifter, 23 Apr 2018"Small"? A phone with 74 mm width is now called "small"? Ev... moreSadly yes.
In my scale it goes like this:
Up to 60mm= small
60.1-65= medium
65.1-70= Large-ish
70.1-75= Large+
75.1-80= massive
80.1+ Phonezilla.

No great reason to buy moto phones, completely delayed update for all models.

  • AnonD-753907

Battle Hero, 23 Apr 2018Nokia 7 Plus much better and slightly quite cheaper than t... moreNokia twice as expensive in my country comparing to g6 play. Moto z3 play will be rival for it.

  • Anonymous

The Nokia 7 Plus costs about €320 in my country. Why wood I go for anything else in the midrange segment?

  • brandstifter

"Small"? A phone with 74 mm width is now called "small"? Even my LG G6 is smaller which doesn't save it from being too big to be comfortable.

  • gauron

Lenovo has finally destroyed the MOTO G line. So many models, all of which should cost less than they do. Seriously, a 720p screen and a 4xx series chip on a moto g. The highest end G6 plus is nothing special, just what everyone else if offering for $200, just priced higher.

Nokia 7 Plus much better and slightly quite cheaper than this Moto G6, and with Android One program its come with stock Android and at least 2 years OS upgrade and 3 years security patch update.