Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 debuts with Snapdragon 636, 5,000 mAh battery

23 April 2018
The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 comes as a direct rival to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, costing INR 11,000.

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  • percy

they ditched the ZenUI? But is it still available for download? The Call Recording function of Asus is the best in the world. It was very helpful tool

Abhi D, 23 Apr 2018For it's price, it's already too good of a deal. What else do yo... moreRead about Type-C before questioning its merit. I've phones with USB-C ports with accompanying accessories supporting it. A simple Type-B to Type-C adapter doesn't works because of their different electrical specifications. What would it cost to have a Type-C port on it ? Nothing.

Running two Jio SIMs isn't a national past time but a way of ascertaining Dual-4G VoLTE capabilities. Jio needs a consistent 4G network while others can work on both 4G/3G. So running both slots on Jio's network confirms Dual-4G LTE support. Besides, Airtel, Vodafone, Tata, Reliance, Idea... etc are rolling out 4G network before finally hanging up on 3G. What was hard to understand in that ?

Be advised that all the above was based upon assumption that the slots had the usual 4G/3G setup, which wasn't the case. Asus has confirmed that the M1 Pro supports Dual-4G VoLTE, unlike the Redmi Note 5 Pro which might, in the future, get an update supporting it. Comparison was unintentional, I did not wanted to bring it up.

By the way, what would I gain by hating on a product, Life ?

AnonD-757423, 06 May 2018The SD 636 is pretty close to the 660. Do research before spouti... moreI did my own research, thank you. Did you do yours?
If you did, you'd know that 636 and 660 do have some similarities (8 Kryos, 14 nm, made by Qualcomm) and differences.
Except for a slower GPU (Adreno 509 vs 512), lower CPU (1.8/1.6 GHz vs 2.2/1.84 GHz) and RAM (1333 MHz vs 1866 MHz) clocks plus slower WiFi (433 Mbits/s vs 867 Mbits/s), yes, 636 is almost 660.
Did I mention that, despite some simmilarities, 660 is significantly faster in GPU, CPU clock, RAM frequency and WiFi than 636?

WTF does "promising at least two major OS updates." mean?

  • AnonD-757423

Renato Oliveira, 23 Apr 2018Asus only missed on 2 points - Micro USB and availability. Other... moreThe SD 636 is pretty close to the 660. Do research before spouting off.

Abhi D, 24 Apr 2018No Xiaomi fanboy, you are again wrong. 1. Yes i was wrong abou... moreYou fanboy, go and watch RN5pro launch where they clearly announced that there's a Gorilla glass protect but the version unspecified.. Don't be dreaming 16MP camera will be making this useless build quality phone as DSLR.
Moreover GeekyRanjith said it's not near to RN5pro in terms of camera department who was actually representing the Max pro M1 before it's launch.

  • Imran

Awesome Phohe This Price Just Awesome

Thesis86, 24 Apr 2018Going through carriers is a scam. I've been buying my phones unl... moreOrder through the many merchant sites then, provided the it has the band you need.

Thesis86, 24 Apr 2018What massive discounts? I don't get any discounts living here. P... moreYea, US market lacks variety but at least you get the "massive discount" on the major dealers in the US market.

Androidloveralways, 24 Apr 2018Don't you have carriers to subsidze the prices of phones?Going through carriers is a scam. I've been buying my phones unlocked since 2011. And my carrier (T-Mobile) has trash choices for a phone as they are Samsung/Apple centered only

No notch
Great screen to body ratio
SD 636
5K mAh Battery
Oreo 8.1
Dedicated microSD card slot
and 3.5 mm jack.
This is a "dream comes true" phone.

  • Anonymous

Awesome value for money!!

  • Anonymous

gauravnartam, 24 Apr 2018I understand your point Sir! I love features from Zenui such as ... moreYes I do agree on bloatware part. That should be avoided as much as possible. but in some cases vendors do implement better apps than google. I still dont have copy otp on my fathers moto e4 plus whie mom uses it on her redmi 4 regularly. same for phone apps. Although for others like market and all I understand why would people have problem with that. TBH mi market is pretty nice in allowing you to pause downloads, go out work and start download again

  • AnonD-625621

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2018The best part of it is pure android oreo, sorry xiaomi fanboy. M... moreHahaha really

Thesis86, 24 Apr 2018What massive discounts? I don't get any discounts living here. P... moreDon't you have carriers to subsidze the prices of phones?

Nadalion, 24 Apr 2018Why does the US market get massive discounts most part of the wo... moreWhat massive discounts? I don't get any discounts living here. Phones are pretty expensive here. Where are you from? Our market is literally Samsung/Apple. And it sucks for variety.

  • AnonD-333475

... nice finally no asus UI , the miniusb disapoints a little , Just waiting for your review .

  • AnonD-523490

If they plague it with flash sales too, I will end up not buying either of these. I mean come on, enough of these tactics, at the end of the day it's a phone and I am not ready to spend 35-40 min in 4-5 flash sales for getting a phone. i will end up buying something more easily available.

  • AnonD-523490

as if i had to sell my kideny to buy either of those phones, comon, it's competition and it's good, now you got choice of either stock android or miui. mia2 is said to come with sd660 and it would be interesting to see the pricing, either xiaomi will end up killing their own product or loose another battle with this phone.

  • Anonymous

The best part of it is pure android oreo, sorry xiaomi fanboy. MIUI is pain in the ass