Wonder what the new cheap iPad can do with the Apple Pencil?

24 April 2018
Apple has a few ads promoting Notes, Keynote, Markup and Photos.

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  • 30 Apr 2018

ipencil is supporting ipad 9.7 (2017) 5 th generation????

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    • 25 Apr 2018

    i tried an ipad pro , it was good , however my samsung book 12 is better and it costs roughly the same and im enjoying the samsung bok much better and it can actually replace your laptop if you dont heavy game etc on it

    its worth noting that this new cheap ipad wont be as effective with the pencil as the ipad pro due to the way the screen is sealed or made , there was a lot of people commenting on this on dp review where artists and photo editors were discussing the new model vs the pro

    if your a digital artist or looking for a great hybrid tablet id highly recommend the samsung book 12 ;-)

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      • 25 Apr 2018

      Trying to catch up with Note 2 I guess,, Apple should just see where the stylus has reached with S pen in note 8. The best thing is it's always with you when you need it

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        • 25 Apr 2018

        All this could be done by a Samsung Note for a very long time though I use Iphone 7+ at the time it is evident that even pencil choices and the rest is a copy from Samsung. I know because before Iphone I used almost every version of Note or Galaxy phones.

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          • 25 Apr 2018

          Tim is scared now, 25 Apr 2018Apple's Middle finger to those that own iPad Pros. "Laptop ... moreLol this was me, I bought my girlfriend an Ipad pro 12.9" with 256gb storage. Admittedly I don't think they do the regular ipad with the increased storage and screen size but that's more Apple lacking options (which was the problem initially, people moved to the pro because it was the only option for using the stylus) then they release this regular ipad?

          They're a super rich company but it feels like they're just happy to play tricks on the customers (like the battery issues where they tried to not inform people they can just replace the battery to get performance back and only listed it as 'power management' in the update section until they got caught out). Overall they're a quite dodgy company with other harsh practices like not updating the laptop and mac books for several years just to get people to keep paying for old tech as well, then they operate their closed eco system which hampers choices and flexibility as well. Overall I don't see myself buying any other apple products because down the line I don't want to feel tricked or cheated like they often give the impression (anyone buying an iphone 8 should feel that way with the lack of features and design change gone into it, keeping the same design for years on end while other companies produced much better looking phones was quite sad).

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            • Tim is scared now
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            • 25 Apr 2018

            Apple's Middle finger to those that own iPad Pros. "Laptop replacement".

            Still refusing to have full mouse support.

            With a pen.. everyone has to be an artist.

            Hey Apple... Wonder what the new cheap iPad can do with a mouse?

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              • 24 Apr 2018

              Samsung should sue Apple for this.

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                • 24 Apr 2018

                it could give your error 9 while running restore. great times