Meizu officially confirms collaboration with Google over Android Go smartphone

25 April 2018
The confirmation came in the form of a tweet from Ard Boudeling, who is the head of global marketing at the Chinese company.

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  • Noel

Hope they just bring the Meizu 15 Plus with stock of the only phones to come with a 16:9AR 6 inch screen in 2018. Would have loved a bigger 4000+mAh battery in this thing.

ChronoRad, 25 Apr 2018Yep Google allows manufacturers to personalizate the OS jus... moreWell I doubt that but it would be great to have top features in low.resources

LG Superfan, 25 Apr 2018FlymeOS Go edition?Yep Google allows manufacturers to personalizate the OS just like with normal Android.

FlymeOS Go edition?

Flyme was the reason why i was considering Meizu phones but Android Go is still fine.

We want a Android One from MEIZU.

  • Anonymous

Meizu please bring sub 100 eur android go phones to europe with better specs than nokia 1 and you will succeed.

  • DDD

So now everyone following Nokia? LoL