Amazon's new Echo Dot Kids Edition is a more expensive Dot with parental controls

25 April 2018
The Echo Dot Kids Edition comes in a kid-friendly rubber band and 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited.

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  • Anonymous

The kids edition of the Amazon echo dot powered by mediatek is a convenient device with a really nice animal print design for kids

Still not getting how people give up privacy for a speaker that does...not much at all.

I love that "parental control" term. Like they dont realize that today kids probably know better how to find po#n or pirating videos/music that their parents.
12yo kid of my cousin know how to access to router and disable access control on it... No everyone are so afraid of hacking when they give access to their home wifi to anyone and dont even change router login/pass from default admin/admin...

  • Ackerman

Realist, 25 Apr 2018Worlds full of law breakers. I womt be suprised if the CIA ... moreAmazon has a contract with CIA,

  • Realist

Ackerman, 25 Apr 2018cia spywareWorlds full of law breakers. I womt be suprised if the CIA are tapping in. The elite always gets away with lies and crimes.

$79 initial charge ( tax not included of course), and 2.99 per month after ( for the freetime unlimited ?)

What comes with the freetime unlimited tho? Audiobook + Amazon music? How often does little kids gonna listen to music so often ( or all day long?)

And as for aduiobook, free to listen to any books? Or that they gonna charge you with $5, $10, $20 etc for each books? That's pretty essential to knows before hand.

  • Ackerman

cia spyware