Alleged video of iPhone SE leaks showing a headphone jack

26 April 2018
A short video of the supposed iPhone gives us a quick glimpse at the iPhone 5 body with an iPhone 4 glass back.

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  • artkicz

sa11oum, 28 Apr 2018If they keep the headphone jack it's because this is just an SE ... morebudget ppl? I can afford iphone x or any other phone but they are too big, can u understand that that some ppl like me dont like to talk via kitchen pan? SE has perfect size for me

  • AnonD-631139

It will be flop like iPhone SE. Need same body dimensions size but screen need edge to edge like iPhone x. It will be big flop which I seen the video.

If they keep the headphone jack it's because this is just an SE refresh, not a whole new phone. Removing it makes no sense. Besides, this is a budget iPhone for budget people who won't buy bluetooth earphones anyway ;)

  • AnonD-755409

renovated 5s, the best iPhone ever....

  • Inverted snowhuouV

These people trying to defend Apple(or, atleast, this new iPhone SE) are ridiculous. You all know for yourselves that you're being abused by Apple, but you all just ignore it. Apple could have made a bezelless SE, but they didn't(assuming that they, truly, went with this design). They would just use the same shell, even if it still has the headphone jack that they were trying to get rid of, the lack of jack that they were trying to justify to, but still, just to maximize profit, they would still just use a design that has the headphone jack, even if they go hypocritical, just to cut corners, because they know that fanboys will always accept everything that handed to them. Even if it's full of compromises, you, all, will accept it, because you have no other options, right?

  • Anonymous

OIS in the camera, red and blue colors, or maybe even the iPhone 5C color spectrum, and I'll get it.

  • Anonymous

IPhone Se is perfect size for phone. All in all it could be better, but the size is just fine. Other things could be Little bit better though...

  • Smartphones Fan

fake video

  • AnonD-733801

I need an iPhone SEX so it's full display and small build

Looks good to me, glass back is a gem.

  • Love the Community

I just want the iPhone X SE (based on the news of Apple trying to simplify the naming scheme) where it's only a 4.7 - 5.2 inch All-screen with a better version of the front camera and the upcoming A12.

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2018They have no competition at this size. They can keep design, mos... moreSony Xperia Compact. Unbeatable

Inverted snowhuouV, 27 Apr 2018Wow, it still has the giant bezels that eat almost 50% of front ... moreEnjoy your magnet sensitve, uncomfortably, and the undurable screen then.

MG7, 27 Apr 2018Who will buy this ugly museum piece.Small hand people who wanted the comeback of 3.5mm audio jack.

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2018To be honest, there is almost no point to put powerful SoC on 4 ... moreNot every people have a big hands like you, dear white. There's a lot of huge sized phones that you can choose, rather than being such an uneducated hate. Small hands are really enforced to buy it this day, dumb.

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2018same shtt recycled designI don't know why this uneducated kid comment are allowed.

Even if you say that, then find me another 2017-8 phone that have this : sub 5" 16:9 screen without any notch, the latest SoC, and (of course) a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Not every (even most) people wanted a 6" sized 18:9 notched all screen design that has no 3.5mm audio jack.

Educate yourself, make a good attitude and then go back.

  • Anonymous

They have no competition at this size. They can keep design, most don't care. They just want a small device that isn't compromised like Android at this size.

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2018same shtt recycled designTell that to all the android manufacturers who're copying the Notch.

  • Tim is scared now

dudecool, 27 Apr 2018they could have used the same shell just made the screen like .2... moreCost.. its all about cost!

If they make it tat bigger.. they have to pay designers, re-nego price on screen size.. pay all those down the line.. pay factory to make new molds new assembly lines.. etc etc.

Why will Tim do that? His very good at profit making! Aim.. make as min change as possible, and grab as much as possible.

  • dudecool

they could have used the same shell just made the screen like .2 or .3 inches bigger, everyone loves the design, they just needed to change the screensize and cut out abit more bezel...