Budget friendly Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 debuts with focus on shopping and social media

27 April 2018
Carrying a price tag of INR 8,190 ($123), the device comes in gold, black, and pink color options.

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If this launches with nougat it will be an embarrassment, when you have the Nokia 3 on Oreo now means Samsung once again will be late to the party.

  • xsur

how much in sar

123 budget friendly?
Xiaomi 4A is a year old model with much better specs for 20 dollars lower price and 32GB disk space.
Samsung is crazy as always.

  • Indian

Look like Galaxy S5 design.

abigfanoftechs, 27 Apr 2018This with Android GO & at this price would be a winner.Yeah, Huawei and Xiaomi are squeezing Samsung to the fullest, if u can now get there 'sAmoled' display for a budget phone it means they are feeling the impact

  • Anonymous

> Budget freindly
> focus on shopping

Pick one.

This with Android GO & at this price would be a winner.

  • Chandrakanth

Snapdragon is not much better then exynous becous it's very heating prossr I think exynous is best

  • Anonymous

Be glad Samsung does not have overenthusiastic fans prowling the forums like those of a certain Japanese brand. Because certainly Samsung gets much more hate, judging by the comments that go with the announcement of a non-flagship Samsung phone.

At least no notch :)

Add Php2,000.00 more and you can get the Redmi 5 Plus 4GB/64GB.
No AMOLED screen (who cares? I have this phone and its screen is insanely good even for an IPS LCD, with super deep blacks and punchy yet fairly accurate colors) but gives superior chipset, battery, camera, audio, updates, performance, and is overall the better device.
Even has metal body, something you would find on a Samsung phone that's $100 more expensive than this.

M, 27 Apr 2018For less money you get the much better Huawei Y 2018Like mine, Y7 Prime. Sans the Super AMOLED, this phone has a better battery, cameras, UI experience, and better specs. It's $50 higher but you have more RAM and storage to have. I recommend buying this phone. It lasts up to 3 days of use!

  • M

For less money you get the much better Huawei Y 2018

  • Anonymous

AnonD-714274, 27 Apr 2018Worst phone under 10000 rupees in India. Hey @gsmarena include a... moreThis would make no sense as most people here hate iPhones so no iPhone would be recommended

Launching with nougat is disgusting

I know who would use this phone. 8-12 yrs old non tech savy kid who would like to play MOBA.

  • Anonymous

shappy, 27 Apr 20182GB in 8k????? It's better to get 4GB in 10k lol :DI guess this phone around 5 to 6k ????? 7 to 8k over kill phone that specs ..

  • Anonymous

budgeted phone for kids 8 to 10yrs of age not bad :)

I don't know ..
Why you are discussing about Samsung phones.
They know only Recycled phones .
Buy or Not ..
They don't care ..
Don't except things from Samsung..

2GB in 8k????? It's better to get 4GB in 10k lol :D

  • AnonD-714274

Worst phone under 10000 rupees in India. Hey @gsmarena include a downvote button also. If the downvotes surpass the no.of fan votes then the smartphone should be labelled as not recommended