HMD teases the return of Nokia N-series

27 April 2018
Are the Nokia N-series getting resurrected the same way that the X-series are? 

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  • aziz

I hope to see Nokia Symbian N8

  • Anonymous

Make the legend reborn with Nokia N95, N97, N82, N93i, E90 communicator with bigger screen + monster killer spec with android
Nokia connecting people !

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 May 2018I wish to be clear:- If you're getting N series back, ma... moreif they do that, might as well call the phone DOA

  • Anonymous

I wish to be clear:-

If you're getting N series back, make them Symbian or a Google free version of Android (out of the box).
You have this much choice.

Otherwise, if you want us to have another Android device on some attributes of N-series, then no use. I don't want it for FM transmitter, or such.

I want a N series for respecting our privacy.

stobs, 03 May 2018stock android sucks for a non-techy user. who has the blood... moreThats a lie.
Wannila android is always an better option because you can have anything you want.
In case of UI company forces you to use their apps.

from zero to hero, 29 Apr 2018I under stand that. Yes you're right for bloatware on custo... moreMaybe yozu re right.
But all depends on tastes of people everybody wants something else and mo matter how you try its impossible to satisfy 100% people.
I like vanilla android.
Clean one without any apps which are disguised like a part of oprating system because everything i can download from google store.
Like Samsung pay for what?
I can pay by mobilephone via my internetbanking its very simple.
Or samsung app for runing.
For me i dont prefer any sport at all i am lazy for that. I get tired fast and sweaty even when i fart as my GF likes to say :-)
Having 90 kilo isnt that bad.
Well as i said everybody wants something else and you cant satisfy 100% people so android one is best possible option.
And the only one which doesnt bother you at all.

  • stobs

CptPower, 29 Apr 2018Man why? Any bloatware was always an issue stock android w... morestock android sucks for a non-techy user. who has the bloody time to customize every blasted thing minisculely? doesn't even have notification badges on icons.

  • Hmm

AnonD-366029, 30 Apr 2018Who cares? They don't sell in the US.The rest of LOL
Did you know there are other country's on this spinning ball, which make up the world of humans. So please stop showing us your ignorance. :)

  • from zero to hero

AnonD-725486, 30 Apr 2018you know, iphone copied nokia built-in antenna and sim card... moreYes icons in iOS is the same like it was on Symbian os in 2009, Symbian Belle, or Anna version.

  • Anonymous

N82 was awesome

  • muratergn34

I'm still using Nokia N91 :))

  • AnonD-366029

Who cares? They don't sell in the US.

  • AnonD-725486

Raphi7, 27 Apr 2018you know, Nokia, like every other company,has already "copi... moreyou know, iphone copied nokia built-in antenna and sim card reader even the icons used on most phone OS resembles to what nokia did. :))))))))

  • from zero to hero

Panzer, 30 Apr 2018I disagree. All those ‘skins’ are good at first, but as you... moreCouple of years? Phone is not car. Look at Samsung mobile, are they ever support older models, especially mid and low end Samsung phones older than 1,2,3 years? They not, but still they are most selling brand in the word, since 2011, and Galaxy S2 days.. But, they next year have like 20 new phones to chose from, if someone wants actual version of Android, or almost, actual. Also, unofficialy custom rom is available for most oems and models especilly with Qualcomm soc on xda developers for example, so no real deal. If you wanna phone to buy, just to make sure you will get after one-two-three some updates and biger numbers in builds, just buy iPhone. How now works iPhone 5s (2013) with latest iOS, and how is the battery life, thats another story.. Dont get me wrong stock for updates is good, phones in AndroidOne program especially, but for Nokia it will be good to have own skin, not Google, because Google skins have also Google, Xiaomi, Motorola, HTC in some models.

  • Panzer

from zero to hero, 28 Apr 2018For someone, skin. Yes, stock, andeoidone especilly is good... moreI disagree. All those ‘skins’ are good at first, but as you get beyond the 1st year and the updates start rolling in, you get pissed. Because your phone is not getting updates. The OS keeps crashing, apps wont open. After a couple of years, you have get rid of it. The stock gets better as your phone gets older.

  • Viddix24

Still waiting for a replacement for my N9 !

  • from zero to hero

CptPower, 29 Apr 2018Man why? Any bloatware was always an issue stock android w... moreI under stand that. Yes you're right for bloatware on custom roms. Samsung was and still is te king for that. For every Goole servise Samsung have own, also. Play store, Samsung own store, game hub. Chrome, Samsung browser, Play music, Samsung, again.. etc.. Also it is true for HTC, its true that 2000 people from HTC company left last year, and now they work for Google. HTC was good brand, today is still, but today they have like 3 phones oer year.. In the past HTC was in top 5 globaly with "Sensetion" "Desire", " Eye" "Buterrfly" line. Now..
But fact is that Stock Android os MM, or Nougat, or Oreo is just to simple, you cant even change theme, and customisation is beauty of open source os, Android. Man Stock Android is more simple than iOS 11, really :D
Yes you can download most of the staff from Play store for example for dual apps, for locking apps, but you cant do as much as for example MIUi rom can, out of box.
Also fact is that in 2016 is sold 1.5 bilion phones world wide in 2017, also 1.5 bilion. For example and for 2017, first place is Samsung (317 milions), second place (in Android world, because, Apple ia 2th), Huawei-150 milions, 3 place Xiaomi 91 milions of phones. All three are with custom akin, not stock, all have bloatware preinstalled.. On the other side, Pixels 3.9 milion, HMD Nokia (Smartphones) 8.5 milions.. Thats way i said, it will be great for Nokia to have own skin, custom UI but just as fast for example like Sony Xperia UI, and aimilar look, almost stock, but with some options more in UI.

And about these Nokia.. Did you know that feature in HTC (and Pixels) phones-Edge sense is Nokia tehnology. That tehnology was ready in Lumia 960, 2016.. But Microsoft cancel that phone, and HTC stole. :D
It will be really hard work for HMD/Foxconn to bringback Nokia name in top 5 globally, not just because of the competition (even in AndroidOne world-Xiaomi, Motorola, HTC) but, because Microsoft destroyed that Name in mobile world, Nokia was number one in the world 2009-2010. 2012-2013 was on 10th place with Lumia (low) sales..
And thats why if they want to faster go to top 5, custom skin is a mist because most of the people world wide still prefer that, over stock, vanila, alao known as AndroidOne, or Nexuses in new age :)

Carol, 28 Apr 2018Wrong. Apple copied touchscreen/ capacitive touch from othe... moreWell The Iphone did popularise the capicitive touchscreen to a huge degree, and i am not the smartest person around, and am sorry because i didn't dp my research aboit this topic , althpught it's true that the boom in capacitive touchscreen is attributed to the Iphone, which also had an inteface adapted to the capacitive touchscreen with big buttons, and althpught the forst Iphone might be overeated, i don't know about you, but for me i don't think it's pathetic considering the impact it had

  • Anonymous

from zero to hero, 28 Apr 2018For someone, skin. Yes, stock, andeoidone especilly is good... moreThats right you are the best comments one

Saurabh198, 28 Apr 2018Symbian wasn't as flexible as android could be. But I feel ... moreYeah i love Nokia back when they're on Symbian era, but also HATE it because a contrast reason : Software experience, especially their touchscreen product. No matter what series is, low or the flagship one, it always used to be sluggish and laggy in its performance. I have a X3-02, N97, and a X2-01 (now its all gone), and neither of those phone had gave me even perfect 30 fps scrolling.