Coolpad Cool 2 now official: metal body and extra-tall display on the cheap

28 April 2018
The entry-level handset also sports a dual-camera setup, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage.

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  • john pizdon

it's to cool, that it even couldn't boot.

  • Zero

Arpit, 29 Apr 2018First time in my life i have a smartphone successor which i... moreLook at Alcatel. That was an epic fail.

  • Arpit

First time in my life i have a smartphone successor which is downgrade when compared to original model.

  • Anonymous

16:9 screen is more beautiful than 18:9
Fortunately, Mate 10 exists.

  • Anonymous

you mean extra-narrow display

  • Anonymous

Why do they always have these crappy renders. On one picture it has a curved display and on the other it's regular...

  • Anonymous

Oh yeah this will definitely do good Bokeh. That .3 MP camera is so blurry, it's gonna look like you're in a different dimension.

  • AnonD-674280

I have 1Gb less RAM and 32GB less storage but i have 5.5 inch 16:9 FHD screen in a 11mm shorter body but mine is wider. MTK 6750T 4x1.4 & 4x1.0 3000mAh battery and 3 sides bezeless for 93 euro 5 months ago. Just to test out how the 100 euro phone feels like so i can get next one either Meizu E3 or Asus long name with that pure droid and SD636.

Performance difference isnt that much for SD660 or SD636 or by the Antutu v7 scores. On some phones SD660 have 104000 score even. To think that you get either Note 5 pro 4/64GB for 210 euro as it's presell right now. 3/32GB for 170 euro then this phone needs to be something 80-100 euro to make sense.

Only cool on this brand its the name of the phone :-)
Rest is as expected dissaster.

  • Anonymous

Who the hell wants this? LeEco phones are good and all, but this is just cheap junk

  • AnonD-744321

you see the phone in water
then you take your phone to a swim
the phone dies X'O
then when you try to get your money back they will tall you it was splash proof only };$)
dont fall for those marketing tricks just read GSM (or the retail box)

Lmao, how is a 0.3MP secondary camera gonna help the rear camera? I know currently we are starting to see more and more dual camera smartphones in this area but u don't have to be that desperate to include a lousy secondary camera for the sake of that am I right?

Cool downgrade lal.
First one was with FHD screen and SD 652.

How is this a successor to the first one is beyond me.

  • Jo



0.3MP as Aux Camera?

  • Mr Chinese Phone

Cool is always pairing great Specs like the Camera and RAM with shitty processors, why?

AnonD-625621, 28 Apr 2018Standing ovation for 0.3 cameraThis is sooo EPIC!

  • AnonD-625621

Standing ovation for 0.3 camera

  • Kangal

This phone is so C O O L