Samsung Galaxy Note9 surfaces in China's MIIT certification

03 May 2018
A certification in China points at a nearing Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch.

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  • 06 May 2018

Geric.770, 03 May 2018It's a good Note with 4000 mah battery!It's ok tbh since a bigger battery should have been inside ages ago (I would have bought the Note8 if it wasn't for the fact it is a device neglected by Samsung & the fact it won't have 5G support doesn't make it appealing to even consider buying it. (long term Note4 user here)

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    • 04 May 2018

    Will likely SD845 for US, we have battery and lcd.
    Only need camera info, the rest no change, been heavy user all this time, innovation never been samsung capabilty

      Lol i still hear people complaining of the aspect ratio. Way to be left behind by the times. It isn't anyone's problem but yours.

      The note8 is perfect save for the battery life so a 15% increase in the capacity will only be a good thing. If the battery life will be significantly boosted, i might upgrade to it. Just might. I have the zerolemon slimpower battery case to mitigate the not so great note8 battery performance so that's something that will have to be considered.

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        • 03 May 2018

        Note series always was great and unique in smartphone world (because of S pen). Note 9 i hope so will bring something new (for Samsung) on market, like under glass fps.

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          • 03 May 2018

          Galaxy Note 9, 03 May 2018I think new form factor is the need of the hour in two or t... moreMaybe foldable phones will be the next big thing.

            Ooh! I think to replace my FE with the 9. Better Osu! Exoerience!

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              • 03 May 2018

              I just purchased the N8, it's too tall, loved the size of the N7, new aspect ratio doesn't buy you anything.

                It better have at-least 4000 mAh battery and 80mm of width -narrow is out, wide is in!!

                  For what purpose?
                  S9+ costed 1050 when released note 9 will be like 1500 eur for a phone for dialing and messaging its just too much.

                    I think new form factor is the need of the hour in two or three years from now. Almost all Android looks similar, like iPhone! All mobiles look same

                      Mitochondria, 03 May 2018The Note 9 must have UD Fingerprint scanner to gain interes... moreNo word from Samsung...

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                        • 03 May 2018

                        Perhaps the rumours are true and they are advancing the Note 9 for the summer, but i doubt that it's due to the low sales of the S9, I see that more about add underfingerprint scanner and make the display bigger to maximize the difference between flagship products and doing that, open the Christmas time for start the new year and 10º aniversary with a completely new design. If you don't do that and you release the Note 9 when the leaks that you can't control start to show a new concept or design for the beginning of the next year... the Note 9 will be a flop, for sure, because people will wait till January for by the new design.

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                          • 03 May 2018

                          N8 is already giant. Looks like a tv control.
                          Cant believe N9 will have bigger screen.

                            The Note 9 must have UD Fingerprint scanner to gain interest of previous owner. But I have no hope since no other big manufacturer released their flagship with it yet.

                              It's a good Note with 4000 mah battery!