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10 May 2018
Important information for GSMArena account holders.

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Bye bye iPhone arena, it was a fun ride, i liked your presentation and battery tests and it was ns that i could occasionally post smth, but now i cannot migrate my account my account because the submit button is not working despite me filling name password and both boxes selected, maybe it's a browser issue, i use the Opera browser, maybe you don't like it, i tried 3 times and that was it, good-bye ppl and always remember that gsmarena will always advertise iPhone superiority with any occasion

AnonD-435619, 14 May 2018On the migrate page, the submit button is inactive!!You need to
- fill email
- fill password
- click on both checkboxes

  • AnonD-435619

On the migrate page, the submit button is inactive!!

  • Anonymous

Samath N8 808 owner, 12 May 2018You're right... I just missed this point. I didn't get t... moreIt's just that if you already use a Google account to login and want to use the same email address, you won't need to manually enter it. You have the option of using a different email address. User accounts won't be linked to Facebook/Google accounts starting from May 25.

Samath N8 808 owner, 12 May 2018You're right... I just missed this point. I didn't get t... moreIt's just helpful for the migration. We only require a valid email address.

Anonymous, 11 May 2018This doesn't fall under net neutrality. Net neutrality conc... moreYou're right... I just missed this point.

I didn't get the article clearly. Does it compulsorily require to have a GMail ID? Or its just helpful in migration?

  • Anonymous

Kindly overhaul the comment moderation system as well. Moderators should be able to edit out the problematic portion of a comment. In place of deleted comments, kindly consider leaving a note by the moderator describing the reason for deletion. It would act as a visible and psychological reminder for the users, to not repeat the same mistake(s) in the future, and reduce the need for moderation in the long run. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Samath N8 808 owner, 11 May 2018guys, its secure but you don't support net neutralty it see... moreThis doesn't fall under net neutrality. Net neutrality concerns the ISPs, not the websites.

guys, its secure but you don't support net neutralty it seems. Everywhere the same Google, FB, Twitter.

Aren't there other services? And what about those who've left these services due to their privacy-handling nature?

No one leaks as much data as Google does, but they call it "as usual business", while others are disreputed even on a small leak.

  • Ng

Admin/mods should keep this at top a least 1 week

  • Mr. Mustache

haha finally GSMarena did obey to privacy and security of users. i'm glad to use join GSMarena since i don't want to merge and use my gmail on any random website

  • Anonymous

Finally!!! I can have a gsmarena account!!

Why did these people even think it's a good idea to only allow Facebook and Google users to create accounts here? What about those who don't have Facebook or Google accounts whatsoever? We had to endure the 'anonymous' status every day.

  • Anonymous

EskeRahn, 11 May 2018Just a guess, could it be that they have a filter removing ... moreWell, mine was posted earlier, approved by a moderator beforehand, and was similar but not identical. This being off-topic is the only valid reason I can think of, but then they are pretty selective in that case.

  • Ng

Off topic,why i notice button on site more red that before?

BrokenLawShaw, 10 May 2018Now just bring back DISQUS!Disqus is nice for small discussions, but simply become useless for large ones.
How do you think it would handle the almost 50 000 comments in this thread?
That despite being from 2010 is still posted in...

I like(d) disqus and use it on my own small site, with few viewers and commentators, and there it works really well,

But here it was a few of us (say less than a 100?) that made almost all the commenting in the Disqus, and I guess someone calculated that it simply isn't worth the problems of having two different commenting systems, for the income generated showing ads to so few multiple times.

Anonymous, 10 May 2018I wonder why my comment was deleted when I said the exact s... moreJust a guess, could it be that they have a filter removing identical comments as spam?

I mean for a machine, the kind greeting might just be interpreted as break of the rules
"Read before you post. Search before you post. Your question is probably already answered"
And as you post as Anonymous my GUESS would be that the threshold for deletion is lower.

Nice move from gsmarena team

Good thing they left Fishbook because of privacy leaks.
Yup, I'm protected on their own website than connecting other options.

ProJames, 10 May 2018Yaaaaay! So long Lamebook!Hello again ProJames xD. They probably left Facebook because of the data it leaked out previously, at least GSMARENA is trying to protect us :)

Finally, I can login without using Facebook. Kiss my ass Facebook xD