CAD renders show every OnePlus 6 angle

10 May 2018
CAD renders show the OnePlus 6 from all sides.

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  • it doesnÂ’t matter

I'm tired of one plus lies. They have become too greedy and lazy. Starting with oneplus 3, they only sell Oppo phones, and basically there are just some iphone clones. It's a shame. I had hopes with this brand. We are not all just sheep. Not all of us want the same thing. If i wanted an iphone I would have bought an iphone.

MrDudu10, 11 May 2018I beg to differ. If you look at OnePlus advertising materia... moreAgainst Apple, this attitude towards pricing is fine. It will be a good sell against the latest iPhone.
But the thing is that they should also look at the other Android competitors who are also offering great value for the price, and most of them are way more popular and reputable brands than OnePlus.
One can pick up a Huawei P20 Pro and for $200 more than this phone, you get a camera that pretty much blows every other smartphone cameras away. It even has a larger battery with realistically great battery life.
Software and updates are guaranteed, and the matter of fact is that they exist in pretty much every region in the world, making customer service and finding accessories super easy.

Last time I've checked, there was no case available for any OnePlus smartphone. Heck, they don't even know what OnePlus is.

On a very serious note, their best device they have ever made is the OnePlus 3 and 3T, and I expect it to be the last of its kind.

  • Logic

Anonymous, 11 May 2018Yes, I was going to buy one because they used to be afforda... more>one plus is like 600$ MSRP
>iPhone is like 999$
>same thing


MrDudu10, 11 May 2018I beg to differ. If you look at OnePlus advertising materia... moreYeah. They were popular for "flagship killer" company. But now, things change especially that prices are rising to the sky!

  • kipss....

im not a fan of one plus 6 or android but i'm waiting to get a look on it before buying a new phone ,if it crosses a 600$ tag then i will stick to iphone x .

  • MrDudu10

Shanti Dope, 10 May 2018Exactly what I was saying. They're not about premium flags... moreI beg to differ. If you look at OnePlus advertising material, they never went out promoting affordability. That was the plan - make phones simple and cheap to stir the media and become popular (they know a thing or two about hype!), and then increase price on every iteration, and proportionally add more quality and features, to add the idea of 'value'. In doing so, they also increased profits. Making phones isn't cheap, and by increasing the amount of customer support, they also increased costs. They couldn't keep making the single-digit profit they were making on the OnePlus One. So, their philosophy today is simple: make a phone for both Android Enthusiasts and the general consumer, with a no-frills, clean attitude. I have a OnePlus 3, and two years later, it's still factory fresh! That's a quality phone, and I love it. It serves me well. So, in conclusion, the OnePlus 6 won't be a budget flagship. It will be a flagship. Not premium, but priced in flagship territory, hopefully with features which will make it worthy of its asking price. I've learnt not to doubt OnePlus, who have constantly showed quality and refinement probably second to none in their devices. That being said, they don't really offer much unique to them (to differentiate their product from all the others), but that's another story entirely...

  • Anonymous

Geric.770, 10 May 2018The most expensive OnePlus smartphone to date.Yes, I was going to buy one because they used to be affordable, now I might as well buy an Apple.

  • Anonym

Only thing I care is if it has both OIS and dual-pixel AF. Mix 2S has it, so no way I'd pass on those.

  • Anony-mouse

I don't get why every Android smartphone manufacturer wants to copy the "notch" from Apple while at the same time retaining a sizeable bezel at the bottom. (Yes, I get the bit about the curved panel but this is me being an Android fanboy). They could just put the bezel at the top along with the sensors and front camera and leave the bottom part of the screen without any bezels. Or heck, they could do what Xiaomi did and put the camera on the bottom part of the screen. It's weird, I bought two notch phones, Vivo V9 and the Oppo F7, and I noticed when I was watching YouTube, there were black bars on the side. So, I pinched to zoom like I saw my brother do on his iPhone X. That's when I realized all that did was zoom the video so that it filled the screen, which meant I was missing part of the content. I'd rather not have a notch on my next phone and would much prefer if manufacturers stopped aping Apple's notch and followed Xiaomi's design language like on the Mi Mix 2S where they used the bottom bezel to house the Front camera.

Anonymous, 10 May 2018op was never about premium flagship offerings, rather well ... moreExactly what I was saying.
They're not about premium flagships, so why are they slowly entering the $600 mark now?
They even exceeded the affordable flagship title by going into $500 mark last year.
The main point of their flagships is to offer every single 2018 flagship smartphone feature and standard into a device priced well below $500.

Xiaomi was able to do it last year. Huawei can do it in their Honor sub-brand.
These two OEMs just wrecked OnePlus in their own game.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 10 May 2018Just another typical smartphone. Lower price than the comp... moreop was never about premium flagship offerings, rather well specd good priced phones for android enthusiasts. you buy it to flash it or thinker with it. as far as spiritual succesors to the nexus line up goes, this is it

  • AnonD-8008

Still doesnt raise eny must buy feelings.

forroati, 10 May 2018I see, but then why not curve it on the upper part and use ... moreThat's one way of saying that but if you think about it, the display on either side of the notch will accommodate the status bar, thereby providing more app real estate. makes sense as long as the status bar back bround is black (since OLED), thus making the notch invisible with just white text visible (time, network icons etc ) on either side of the notch.

Geekyfreak, 10 May 2018Which country are you from?And why you ask??

I'm from Philippines anyway.

  • AnonD-655518

forroati, 10 May 2018Why the notch when there is unused space at the bottomexactly just copying silly apple. Bit childish this notch thing get your own design and grow up manufacturers and stop making massive screened phones. Touchscreen phones are difficult enough to handle without masking them bezel less then you go and make them out of glass.

Looks good but its too big .... pas

Shanti Dope, 10 May 2018Just another typical smartphone. Lower price than the comp... moreWhich country are you from?

  • Xhxhyy

I can only dream using one of their product but its price keeps me from grabbing it. Long live Motorola Moto G.

Just another typical smartphone.
Lower price than the competitors, but is directly proportional in the quality and features.

This company won't be popular at all if they keep on skimping too much on quality and features just for the sake of lowering the price.
If they are budget-friendly, why do I see no one here in my country using their phones?
I guess there are no more people living in poverty since they can now afford a premium flagship phone from more reputable and popular brands.

  • AnonD-712539

forroati, 10 May 2018Why the notch when there is unused space at the bottomTechnical limitations.