Xiaomi Redmi S2 arrives with AI selfie camera and affordable price

10 May 2018
The Redmi S2 offers Snapdragon 625, dual cameras and HD+ screen for under $200.

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  • 11 Mar 2021

My favorite phone

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    • dM}
    • 06 Jun 2018

    Anonymous, 12 May 2018Ugh, another 6 inchier. Gimme 5inch one with decent hardw... moreAgree!!!

    Although that silver colour is very nice :)

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      • Anonymous
      • Kx1
      • 12 May 2018

      Ugh, another 6 inchier.
      Gimme 5inch one with decent hardware please

        Xiaomi is turning crap by releasing phones with 2 year old Snapdragon 625 chipset which was crap before and is still crap now where is the Xiaomi from redmi note 3 era or mi3 era

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          • AnonD-298375
          • myv
          • 10 May 2018

          Mi is Sweet creamy cheese!!!

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            • Jatin
            • 7k6
            • 10 May 2018

            mi rocksssssss best as power full and value for money

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              • from zero to hero
              • mi6
              • 10 May 2018

              Anonymous, 10 May 2018Overall, redmi note5 is better.Way better. Even Redmi 5 Plus is better because of biger battery, biger resolution and its available for same or lower price now (about 130-140 euros).

              Like someone write in the comments this is newer version of Redmi Note 5A (Y1 Lite i India). And maybe drom that phone it's ok to upgrade to this S2..

              Xiaomi become more and more like Samsung from the past, or Huawei from 2017-2018..every week new-almost same phone.. :D

                Snapdragon 625
                Xiaomi's favorite SoC!

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                  • bref
                  • 318
                  • 10 May 2018

                  No wonder Oppo made fun of them. All of their phones look the same now

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                    • MG7
                    • gMx
                    • 10 May 2018

                    I was first to point out 20 days back that this is successor of redmi Y1.

                      Hope Xiaomi release some of these AI features for the Redmi 5 Plus

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                        • 6ck
                        • 10 May 2018

                        What the point to release this phone? For Chinese only?

                          A 6" 720p display? I'll pass. Make a Redmi 4 prime with 5-5.5" 18:9 display xiaomi, people still need something compact. And a better design, the iPhone X design is ugly.

                            They should've had better cameras with the Redmi Note 5 and have it come out with Oreo and newest version of MIUI.
                            In that way, you could've killed the $200 segment.

                            But no, me and other customers have to make horrible decisions.
                            Better screen or better camera
                            Larger battery or Android Oreo

                            Get the best of both worlds but pay $70 more.
                            And how about the horrible video recording microphone of our devices??
                            I doubt you even bothered trying to fix it, or even giving attention to it.

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                              • 10 May 2018

                              IronHeart8, 10 May 2018Looks like it is going to be priced at the exact same price... moreOr maybe it won't even come to India lol...
                              (Mind blown!)

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                                • KhB
                                • 10 May 2018

                                Overall, redmi note5 is better.

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                                  • LiI
                                  • 10 May 2018

                                  Likexiaomi this phone have 3.5mm headphone jack

                                    Looks like it is going to be priced at the exact same price as the regular Redmi Note 5 in India or maybe bit lower.

                                    Redmi S2 vs Redmi Note 5 (regular)

                                    better cameras (both rear and selfie),
                                    Latest MIUI ROM

                                    just HD+ vs Full HD+ (269ppi vs 403ppi)
                                    Less battery (3080 vs 4000)

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                                      • QWI
                                      • 10 May 2018

                                      Can't see difference between their phones in fact after Samsung this time I see a lot of likeness those smart phones to each other.. xD

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                                        • Likexiaomi
                                        • uQ5
                                        • 10 May 2018

                                        Beware this xiaomi redmi S2 there's no 3.5mm headphone Jack.