Nokia X6 visits Geekbench to test its Snapdragon 636 chipset

14 May 2018
The performance is much closer to Snapdragon 660 than it is to the 636.

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Well, not so many people is aware of that kind of specs..., even how long the battery last is not normally known by the average consumer. And for all sakes, we have to realize that the gsmarena are not average consumers as well... so..., at the tier they are aiming the only thing they can do is PRICE and BRAND. That's it.

Anonymous, 16 May 2018Who will by a phone with battery eating 28nm SD 65x in 201... moreNo.

Their production line is active and profitable.

Who will buy?

I myself know 180 stock exchange related private companies globally who want their workers' handsets become locked down to their business which are true business PDA. Some of them which are in the US have the right to run their own Limited-Cell system to even use Cellular capability from devices.

This is not the price which let them still sign contract for such outdated chipsets, the reason is programming and efficiently.

End user will say keep the software until next update. Keep the phone until next update.

Business owners will say keep the working software forever.

So, they build the app based on Current capable SoC. Either do a big risk and upgrade your software for next SoC which may result in info leak or keep PDAs with working app and make another handset with the same chipset in order not to lose anything from driver to capability.

New mid range SoCs are mainly capable enough to not spending extra money for flagships.

  • Anonymous

The Scientist Pigeon, 15 May 2018Your info must be corrected. Based on Qualcomm officials... moreWho will by a phone with battery eating 28nm SD 65x in 2018 ??

They never been as populair,
may be they have a lot of them in stock stucking.

  • Ningu

When it will release in India ,I am eagerly waiting to buy this phone

  • Nokia12

Shanti Dope, 15 May 2018Great hardware, ruined by poor software. Gcam can improve ... moreNot really , not every camera improves this much as Nokia 7 plus , check YouTube.. Because other cams already have mature camera algorithms , xiaomi already improved a lot in software since mi A1.. With gcam this Nokia 7 plus is actually one of the best under 30k and can rival one plus 5t or lg g6 or view 10

Stock app auto mode performance will improve over time , till then you can use pro mode..
You don't have to worry about software updates with Nokia .. This is their USP

Forget Nokia X6
Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 released in 2017 are confirmed to get Android P ..

X6 will get even Android Q ..along with monthly security updates

But Nokia won't be competing against xiaomi or max m1 , as they focus on offline and will be priced higher .. Around 20k for 3gb variant .. If they even launch this in India that is..

Kangal, 15 May 2018Qualcomm's 2018 lineup (14nm/10nm): Low-end QSD 625 QS... moreYour info must be corrected.

Based on Qualcomm officials, mobile chipsets which have contract for 2018 are as follow:

Phone Specific:

Snapdragon 205 = QCM205/MSM8905
Snapdragon 212 = MSM8909AA

Snapdragon 450 = SDM450
Snapdragon 435 = MSM8940
Snapdragon 430 = MSM8937
Snapdragon 427 = MSM8920

Snapdragon 660 = SDM660
Snapdragon 630 = SDM630
Snapdragon 653 = MSM8976Pro
Snapdragon 652 = MSM8976
Snapdragon 650 = MSM8950
Snapdragon 626 = MSM8953Pro
Snapdragon 625 = MSM8953

Snapdragon 845 = SDM845
Snapdragon 835 = MSM8998
Snapdragon 821 = MSM8996Pro
Snapdragon 820 = MSM8996

Snapdragon 640 and 670 are not announced yet.

Snapdragon 640 and 670 are not contracted for this year, until now (05-15-2018)

Nokia12, 15 May 2018Where did you get that ? 7 plus has the best cam under 25k ... moreGreat hardware, ruined by poor software.
Gcam can improve it, but so can it on every other devices.
Again, Max Pro M1 is already guaranteed to get Android P, while there was no confirmation about that for X6.

Nokia 6 (2018) multi-core score must be a typo or something. Geekbench result browser shows consistently over 4000 points:

  • Harry

Must come in Red colour and have face unlock

  • Anonymous

LOL! gsmarena why u are giving wrong numbers for nokia 6.1 for multicore. You don't recheck on ur post?

  • Nokia12

Shanti Dope, 15 May 2018Impossible, but even if it happens, it won't have any subst... moreWhere did you get that ? 7 plus has the best cam under 25k , use google camera or pro mode , difference is big due to 7 plus having much better hardware 1.4 micron pixel and 1.75 aperture , performance will improve with stock app in auto mode in future update s

Hmm we'll see...

I think this phone won't make its way to India... Coz already they launched 6.1 with 4gb at 19k... So I feel like it's hard to land.. n it might be a Chinese exclusive... Like Nokia 7

  • Kangal

Qualcomm's 2018 lineup (14nm/10nm):

QSD 625
QSD 626
QSD 630

QSD 636
QSD 640 (10nm)
QSD 660
QSD 820-Lite
QSD 821-Pro

QSD 670 (10nm)
QSD 835 (10nm)
QSD 845 (10nm)

(I can post the Rankings of the Exynos and Kirin SoC's too if anyone's interested)

Anonymous, 14 May 2018Launch this phone in India for 13K, Nokia.. It will definit... moreImpossible, but even if it happens, it won't have any substantial feature that will make it a better choice than the other two.
The Max Pro M1 uses stock android with a guarantee of Android P and Q upgrade.
Both have larger batteries than this one.
Subjectively, both have no notch to annoy the people who get distracted with it.
The Redmi 5 Pro has a very useful IR Blaster.

The only left advantage of this phone is a USB Type C, but this won't be a standard feature for mid rangers in the next 2 to 3 years, and besides, there are some adapters that converts USB C ports to microUSB.
Camera won't be an advantage here. Given that the 7 Plus doesn't even beat the Mi A1's camera, this X6 won't have a camera that can beat either of the two.

Anonymous, 14 May 2018Launch this phone in India for 13K, Nokia.. It will definit... moreWhy they wanna release this phone that cheaper price,they wanna make profit from phone.

  • Anonymous

Dnyaneshwar , 14 May 2018I think Nokia should be able to design their own handset la... morenot following the trend is what make them lost in the first battle.

  • AdamBoy64

The design looks quite nice.

  • AnonD-244086

I hope they revive xpressmusic with 32bit/192khz/384khz or so

  • Sathish

Author needs to correct Nokia 6 Multi core score.. It gives wrong info to viewers.