Android P to bring Automatic color mode on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

15 May 2018
Android P will expand the current color mode functionality.

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Anonymous, 16 May 2018Samsung phones already do this don't they?Yes and long time ago

  • Anonymous

Samsung phones already do this don't they?

  • Sathish

AnonD-576767, 16 May 2018The technology is not AMOLED It's p-oled by lgPixel 2 has AMOLED and 2 XL had POLED. Google uses dull color in its OS and has option to make vivid in its settings. So this is purely software which makes the display duller on POLED/AMOLED and is not fault of the technology.

  • AnonD-576767

The technology is not AMOLED
It's p-oled by lg

  • Anonymous

This is great, finally all droids will be able to adjust their display's color mode, without being implented as per OEM's feature.

An alternate to true tone display?

They are doing/copying Xperia triluminos technology for Pixel.
They should add this system for Android, so every device could get the benefit.